15W Portable Floodlight Silver

Two in One: Portable, cordless floodlight which doubles as a battery-charging power bank. Two light modes: white flood light and flashing red/blue SOS mode. 

Powerful Core: 15 watts of power with a 650-lumens in an ultra-compact-sized body; 6600mAh battery capacity with 5V/2A charging for mobile devices.


Designed by LOFTEK: Durable aluminum and steel housing with adjustable holding clip; energy-efficient and power-saving; IP65 dust and waterproof rating.


What you Get: LOFTEK LED Cordless Floodlight, USB charging cable, user guide.


LOFTEK’s Guarantee: All products feature a 12-month, unlimited warranty when purchased from LOFTEK.

US$ 27.99

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Q & A

About the LOFTEK 15W Cordless Floodlight

One small step for LOFTEK, one giant leap for LED technology. A compact and cordless flood light that goes wherever you do. Powered by our latest LED bulbs, it’s bright enough to light up the night. USB-rechargeable with power-bank functionality, it’s power in the palm of your hand.


Smaller and Brighter

Compact construction with a 360-degree adjustable clip and massive power. Max battery capacity of 6600mAh; 650lm of brightness.


Portable Power

Equipped with 5V/2A charging capability for recharging mobile devices. 


Rugged Design

Made of tough aluminum and iron. Dust tight and protected against low-pressure water jets. 



Includes: 1xUSB cable, 1x 15W floodlight, 1xuser guide

Power: 11 watts (white light); 2 watts (blue light); 2 watts (red light) 

Input: 5V DC (0.5-2A) 

Output: 5V DC (2.1A) 

Lumen value: 650lm (maximum brightness mode); 380lm (power saving mode) 

Shoot Distance: 20m 

Beam Angle: >120 degree 

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature): 5500K-6000K

CRI (Color Rendering Index): Ra>70

Battery capacity: 6600mAh 

Working time: More than 4 hours; Charging time: 6 hours

IEC rating: IP65—Dust tight and Protected against low-pressure water jets (do not submerge in water) 

Warranty: 12 months, unlimited when purchased from LOFTEK. Contact us for additional support if needed



1. Power button: Press and hold for two seconds for maximum brightness mode. Press again for power saving mode. Press a third time to turn off. 

2. SOS Button: Press and hold for two seconds for red/blue SOS mode. Press again to turn off. 

3. LED Indicator stays red when charging and turns to green after being fully charged. 

4. When the light has low power, the indicator light will flash red light. 





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  • By Michael Hutchison II
  • 2017-03-02

Little light packing a big punch

I purchased this light because I work on cars often. I was doubtful of the light when I saw that the light was smaller than I imagined. When I turned it on my doubts quickly dissipated. This light is about the size of your hand but produces an incredible amount of visible light. I had a bad battery but LOFTEK was quick to apologize and send me a replacement. They have exceeded my expectations with the light and the customer service.

  • By AlexB
  • 2016-09-21

This little light is AWESOME. I originally bought it to use around the ...

This little light is AWESOME. I originally bought it to use around the garage for tight to reach spaces, but I^ve also used it for light-painting photography where it works much better than expected. The sealed on/off switch is a little clunky to use but that^s just nit-picking.

  • 2016-07-01

Perfect for new construction work place

It^s what I need. Perfect for new construction work place.

  • By stephen higginbotham
  • 2016-03-09

Tiny light on steriods!

After receiving the LOFTEK work light, you have two of best worlds! State of the art power source and bulb. Second you have old school quality that makes it ridged, very much like industrial grade. If you are a auto mechnic, aircraft mechanic, or in any kind of limited space. This is the light to get! It puts out a lot more light than I have seen bigger ones put out! The only flaw that I can see is the turn on/off switch should be ether on the back of the battery casing or on top.

  • By Country Kid
  • 2016-01-22

and it amazed me how bright the was and how convenient this ...

Well_so far i really the loftek work/activity light. Used it in preparation of uo coming snowstorm predicted fir our area, outside when it was 28掳, and it amazed me how bright the was and how convenient this light will be to me. Just gtab your charged uo loftek light and you have great light for your oroject and don^t have the iasue of dragging out addituinal dropcords, i could see where this woyld be the HVAC^s best friend for late night outside unit probkems. Thanks again

  • By Scott
  • 2015-09-10

A very good, underrated light.

There is a reason this is not a $30 or $40 light. This battery lasts longer. The output is great, with a smooth, wide flood. The edge of the cut-off, where the light ends at the edge, is very smooth. I have another LED work light, which I bought for about $35, and it is not nearly as good. It^s battery doesn^t last nearly as long and the light is more of a wide spot light.

  • By Cindy S. Aycock
  • 2015-06-17

Five Stars

works great great to work with

  • By Robert L Boock
  • 2015-01-19

It is a great small work light

It is a great small work light.I would recommend it to anyone looking for a light that can be used for

  • By Jason Morgan
  • 2014-12-16

I love mine and recommend it.

I was surprised by its tiny size when it arrived but I love this thing. I am a painter and its a dream to use at work. All my coworkers run around crazy fighting with tangled extension cords for their lights but I don^t. Its bright too. I am averaging 5-6 hours battery life. I ordered a spare battery now I can use it all day. Takes up to 4 hours to fully charge but still love it and my sisters boyfriend saw it he is a electrician and is getting one now too.

  • By Wallace Powell
  • 2014-11-23

Great that it maintains it bright light output until the ...

This is a very well made light. Charges is less than the 20 hours indicated. Great that it maintains it bright light output until the batteries are low. Could be a problem if we were out in the barn when the light quits and still had to make it back to the house.


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