15W Portable Floodlight Silver

Two in One: Portable, cordless floodlight which doubles as a battery-charging power bank. Two light modes: white flood light and flashing red/blue SOS mode. 

Powerful Core: 15 watts of power with a 650-lumens in an ultra-compact-sized body; 6600mAh battery capacity with 5V/2A charging for mobile devices.


Designed by LOFTEK: Durable aluminum and steel housing with adjustable holding clip; energy-efficient and power-saving; IP65 dust and waterproof rating.


What you Get: LOFTEK LED Cordless Floodlight, USB charging cable, user guide.


LOFTEK’s Guarantee: All products feature a 12-month, unlimited warranty when purchased from LOFTEK.

US$ 27.99

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  • By R. G. G.
  • 0000-00-00

My device was defective; buy at your own risk

I go this product, charged it overnight, and turned it on the next morning. The light is very bright and impressive (so that^s worth a star); however, after 20 minutes I turned the light off, and when I went to turn it back on the light flickered for a second before turning and staying off. I don^t know if the battery is defective or the device itself, but I^m returning it for a refund. This is quite disappointing as the work light got great review. I decided not to get a replacement because, in addition to the actual functioning, some of the hardware seemed to be unnecessarily cheap. The knobs that are supposed to hold the angle of the light don^t ever tighten enough to really lock it in place. From what I can tell you, if it^s not quality when you get it, it^s not going to be quality in two weeks or two months. Chances are it will just fall apart so they can keep on making them in China. All in all, it^s not a complete piece of garbage, but if I were you I would not buy this product.

  • By Matt Wilkinson
  • 0000-00-00

its really nice and portable

This little guy...and I mean small, its really nice and portable, Is an amazing light! It is incredibly bright and helps me see my workspace when I have to respond to outages at work after hours. It^s durable and I love that I can charge it in the car as well. Run time has been true I always store with the battery removed..Plan on buying a couple more for the house during power outages

  • By rfphill
  • 0000-00-00

Good idea, poor execution

Interesting idea, but two major faults:

  • By Golden Fleece
  • 0000-00-00

Love this cordless

Love this cordless, high-powered light.Can^t go wrong purchasing this product. We even use it to see in the pitch black when we have to go out at night to get horses in a big pasture.

  • By dk^Ole
  • 0000-00-00

Fantastic rechargeable battery powered portable light,,,

Exactly what I was looking for for my husband who loves to fish and gets there at o^dark thirty!! Lighting is sufficient for lighting up the backend of his truck and to thread new tackle if he happens to lose one. It^s small and compact, sturdy, versatile positions, bright light and best of all, uses rechargeable battery that can be charged from AC or DC outlet. Both cords are supplied so you don^t need to purchase anything else. Because there are attachments that can get lost or misplaced between uses, the only thing that would have made this a perfect 110% is a case that everything could be carried would be a great plus which we did not receive. But it still gets 100 for all the other reasons mentioned.

  • By Jennifer Fitzgerald
  • 0000-00-00

Great little light, but because it may leave you in the dark.

I have two of these. One I bought my husband for Christmas and another I bought for myself. I^ve had to use it twice when the power has gone out. It^s a great light weight light that puts out a lot of light for a long time. I would have given this 5 stars but if your busy and not paying attention,and the battery dies it leaves you completely in the dark. I guess the charging light starts to blink when it^s low. Luckily I had the other battery from my husband^s light charging in my vehicle. I will definitely be purchasing a couple of extra batteries in case of an emergency.

  • By Gina F.
  • 0000-00-00

This light is awesome! I am a drywall finisher aka (taper) and ...

This light is awesome! I am a drywall finisher aka (taper) and let me tell ya i hate the sanding part of my job. Most every taper uses a 500 watt hot as hell bright light to sand for smooth wall .Its hot. You gota drag a cord find power it sucks.this light takes away all that head ake. Every taper that has seen it so far is askin me where i got it and how much lol . i been usin it all week sanding level 5 walls no problem.i cant tell ya how nice it is not havin a hot light blinding me all day while i grind.ever taper should own 1 and i guarantee they soon will. I got 1 with an extra battery and i can use it 10 hours its so convenient i can charge my mp3 with it i mean come on lol u cant go wrong. I just bought 2 more for my friend as well. This light made my job so much easyer thank you loftek for makin such a great product.sell it to tapers and painters! Trust me they will be amazed!

  • By Stumo
  • 0000-00-00

Five Stars

This is a great lillte light. And Loftek^s customer service is awesome!

  • By mackshack
  • 0000-00-00

Nice light, but!

I really like the light and the features. The battery charges good. The light is bright. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 was because the switch is underneath the light and I find myself fumbling for the right switch position. Otherwise a nice light.

  • By Amazon Customer
  • 0000-00-00

This product is great!!!

This product is great! I couldn^t be happier with what I got for the price. I do a lot of repairs on cars and other things both inside and outside and I don^t always have acess to power so I was looking for a portable light. This light is certainly bright enough unless you are trying to light up a football field. It^s battery last a respectable amount of time and can be used while it^s plugged in. I know it lasts at least 2 hours and probably more but didnt keep track. If that^s not enough, the battery does appear to be replaceable but it will take some simple disassembly and possibly a little searching to find a replacement online. If you have the cash you can buy a whole new battery pack which doubles as a USB charger! Bottem line is for the price and quality, you will not be disappointed. I searched and search and I believe if your looking for a similar product then this is the one you want.


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