50Watts RGB LED FloodLight

  • Designed as a replacement of traditional High output floodlight

  • Comparing with halogen lamps, it saves over 80% electricity cost.
  • Waterproof for outdoor and indoor flood light, Decoration/Applications: garden, bill boards, factory, gyms, docks and other place
  • Eco-friendly - NO UV, IR, lead, mercury, air pollution or other deleterious radiation.
  • Comparing with traditional HPS or Mercury flood lights, our LED flood lights save 50% - 70% electricity cost.

US$ 48.99

Color / Size:

  • 10 Watts
  • 30 Watts




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This outdoor security light is fully waterproof and uses AC85v-265v. It is very energy efficient, has a very long life and does not produce very much heat. Light output colors comes in 4 main RGB colors(Red, Green, Blue and White).Total 16 different color tones.

It is your energy saving and healthy choice. Suitable for different applications such as sign illumination, for up-lighting, to light pathways, to accent trees, lawns and landscaped areas, signs/billboards, building interiors/exteriors, and large objects such as building murals, statues, aquarium reef coral tanks and American flags.

Power Consumption: 50W
Input Voltage: AC 85V--265V
Lifespan time: 50,000 hours
Beam angle: 120°
Color: 4 main RGB colors (Red, Green, Blue and White).Total 16 different color tones.
Modes: Flash/Strobe/Fade/Smooth/On/Off.
Waterproof/IP Rating: IP65

Package includes:
-1 X 50W RGB LED Flood Light Come With Plug
-1 X Remote Control

LOFTEK® Led Floodlight supports memory function when plug out.

1. You can cut off adapter if you do not need it.
2. Buy it from LOFTEK® to qualify for full service and 1 year warranty.
3. Any problems please feel free to contact us via techsupport@loftek.us.


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  • By local103ibewkjf
  • 2014-11-30


This is my second purchase of this product the third is on it'd way. 30 watt 30 watt and 50 watt came today. There are no instructions in any of the packaging????? Having trouble with the remote. Need to SLOW THE SPEED DOWN to get the effect. Ineed. Too fast! All the colors are looking the same. SOMEBODY PLEASE HELP!. I. HAVE A 30WATT LIGHTING MY FOUNTAIN AND IT IS BEAUTIFUL! MANY compliments received. I am using the 50watt to light. The front of my house and want it to go slowly so you can see each color as it changes. Just red, blue and green would be fine with me. Please contact KEVIN @ 781 727 4806. THANKS AND SEASONS GREETINGS!

  • By By Christopher Koch "Chris" (Burnsville, NC USA on
  • 2014-07-20

I would love to find higher powered Lofteks,

Incredible! I have none of the problems that are mentioned in other reviews. I switch the unit off and on via my X10 automated system. Each time it turns on, it returns to the last setting. I use a simple mirror in front of the light to reflect the remote signal from inside the house (through storm windows) not that it is necessary. This light is going to replace my worn out Christmas lights this year. I have it mounted on a porch railing, pointed up in the tree tops. Until Christmas, it will be White. After Thanksgiving, we'll turn on the smooth transition multi color show. By the way, the maximum power consumption is 15 - 20 watts, measured by a Kill A Watt P3. I can't imagine anybody buying the lower powered units. There is even a dimmer on the remote. I would love to find higher powered Lofteks.

  • By By Dakota Phillips on Amazon
  • 2014-07-12

Great for outdoor lighting!,

Bought several of these for spotlighting a beautiful, large tree in our yard. Love the variety of colors available!

  • By By Stacy Michell (Atlanta, GA)
  • 2014-07-09

Just too much fun for the price!,

Just too much fun for the price!

  • By By Kysondra on Amazon
  • 2014-07-08

Excellent Quality + Options + Bright + Lightweight + Low Energy = Perfect Purchase,

I am *so* pleased with these lights. I bought 2 of them for a 4th of July event and they were incredible. The fact they're LED is great, because if you're running them off a generator, they consume almost no power at all! Before purchasing them, I thought perhaps they'd come with different colored screens. When they arrived I was super excited to see that they actually just have colored options within the bulbs so no screens necessary! Using the remote, you can change how bright the lights are, what colors/shades you want displayed, and the speed the colors change (from fast, to slow, to strobe, to solid). The 'Strobe' option on the remote gives off just a bright white light, whereas the other options offer colors and various speeds. The case is metal and strong, but light enough that the light is easy to carry and lift. The handle is adjustable so you can easily set it on the ground or a table, hang it from something or even zip tie it. I noticed the remotes are universal -- I bought two lights (each come with a remote) but one remote works for all lights. The remote has a pretty good range as long as you point it directly at the light, comes with a battery, and is super small and lightweight. These lights put off a ton of luminosity -- they can get *super* bright which is great if you need it for practical reasons. I am so glad I bought two. Even though they weren't the cheapest option available, they were exactly what I needed + more: durable, easy to transport, great quality, had awesome color/shade and luminosity options, and the remote feature was such a nice bonus even if it wasn't the very top-of-the-line remote! The only downfall is it doesn't retain light memory when you restart the power. This isn't a Red-Carpet-Concert-Grade-Event Flood Light. But it is great quality for the price (better and brighter than cheaper lights). I throw a ton of events and will be using these frequently. I strongly recommend purchasing these if you want whatever event or party you're hosting, to be noticed! These lights are the real deal!

  • By By chas adams "Chas" on Amazon
  • 2014-07-07

green and blue are very deep and vibrant--the secondary colors are great, but the primaries are real

very bright, very solid -- the red, green and blue are very deep and vibrant--the secondary colors are great, but the primaries are really deep--it was actually more light than I needed ! I bought more but only got the 10W--very highly recommended

  • By By jsampson on Amazon
  • 2014-07-01

Good for planted aquarium,

I bought 2 of these for a 6' planted aquarium. They are good. I have a 50w "cool white" led on another tank, and these seem to have a nicer color. Plus, you can adjust the color with the remote; but I generally use the white.

  • By By Darleen2003 "Darleen2003" (New Jersey on Amazon
  • 2014-06-24

Very heavy duty light.,

Wonderful product for the money... The light is SUPER bright... The changing colors are fantastic. I use it in my yard to highlight my water fountain. Plus its waterproof.

  • By By randy neubauer on Amazon
  • 2014-06-19

bought 2 sooooo cooool!,

These things are great! many uses, remote is awesome I'll buy more to light the whole back yard in blue

  • By By Linda E Wiley (TOPSFIELD, MA United States on A
  • 2014-06-16

Love it!,

This light is well made and operates perfectly. I am using it to light up a dimly lit walkway. The light is VERY bright.....well worth the money. I am also considering buying the 50 watt to light up a wind sculpture.


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