50Watts RGB LED FloodLight

  • Designed as a replacement of traditional High output floodlight

  • Comparing with halogen lamps, it saves over 80% electricity cost.
  • Waterproof for outdoor and indoor flood light, Decoration/Applications: garden, bill boards, factory, gyms, docks and other place
  • Eco-friendly - NO UV, IR, lead, mercury, air pollution or other deleterious radiation.
  • Comparing with traditional HPS or Mercury flood lights, our LED flood lights save 50% - 70% electricity cost.

US$ 48.99

Color / Size:

  • 10 Watts
  • 30 Watts




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  • By By Nicholas P. Sugleris (LA, USA on Amazon)
  • 2014-05-30

Awesome LED,

I needed to use this for a live gig and it's quite awesome. I'm really wishing I got a 100W LED flood as I could use abit more brightness, but for an LED, this thing competes with some incandescent flood bulbs

  • By By Scott A. Harper "-Scott" (DFW on Amazon)
  • 2014-05-24

Impressed with quality and brightness,

I'm very impressed with these. I bought the 20w version to light the landscaping around our backyard pool. They are plenty bright. Unless you're lighting the entire side of your house, I can't imagine why you'd need the 50w version at all. The most common complaint is the distance the remote works. While I've experience the same thing (it only works when about 3 -5 ft away), I find this to be a feature, not a bug. I have two lamps that light the decorative side of a shed. A bluer tint illuminates the shed and a white one lights a palm tree just in front of it. I had to lower the blue light intensity because it was a little too bright but its nice to be able to control each light individually from the remote without having to move the light indoors or away from the others. The lights are only about 4 or 5 ft from each other. That brings me to the actual colors. I was able to find a blue that matched the color of my pool exactly. There are tons of available colors. It'd be neat to be able to choose a couple colors to flash back and forth (like green and red for Christmas or orange and purple for Halloween) but if you want the colors to change then it changes through all of them. I didn't get a manual with the lights so maybe it's possible to do this and I just haven't yet figured it out. I have mine hooked up to a timer. Effectively, its pulling the power completely when not in use. They always return to the exact same color and brightness the next night. Sounds like an earlier version of the LEDs did not have a memory function but this model works exactly as I hoped it would. Overall, very satisfied and highly recommend.

  • By By UPSmanjoe (on Amazon)
  • 2014-05-24

These lights will be the envy of your neighbors. ..,

These lights have exceeded my expectations. Great colors, very bright and so easy to install. I will soon be buying more for the side and back yard too.

  • By By Ryan Clark on Amazon
  • 2014-05-24

5 stars

My lights arrived on time and all 4 work very good. They all have a memory function which is what I was wanting.

  • By By Richard Romanelli (on Amazon)
  • 2014-05-05

Working well,

so far they seem to work well. we used them for a comerical business. For the price I do not think you can go wrong.

  • By By Steve in New York (New York on Amazon)
  • 2014-04-30

Good News for me

I needed 2 lights to place inside the grotto of my pool. The incandescent lights needed to be changed. Since I already have Hayward LED's in the pool I decided to look for some LED's for the cave. I needed the lights to have a memory feature because they would be hard wired and I wanted them to turn on the same way I left them when the pool lights get turned on. I posted some questions regarding the memory feature. I also contacted Customer service. The answers I got from everyone were all correct. Here is the deal. They used to sell units on Amazon that didn't have the memory function (as per LOFTEC). Due to the customer demand, they are now selling the lights with the memory feature. I got these lights yesterday. I set them and turned them on and off. Unplugged them and plugged them. Waited 24 hours turned them on and they retained the last setting. The lights are bright and seem to be well made. They will be used in a wet environment but will never be submerged. Let's see how they last. I will try to post pics of them when they are installed.

  • By By Wade Fisher (on Amazon)
  • 2014-04-05

Love it.,

We use this in a WET location. Nice color selections. I have bought several of them. Let save the earth!

  • By By Mike in Texas on Amazon
  • 2014-03-11

Large bright outdoors led spot light,

This is a great led lamp outdoors lamp. Very cool that it changes colors and styles and patterns. I did have to send it back as it is way too large for my application. So please notice the large size

  • By By Lonnie Nichols (Little Hill of Sand, TX)
  • 2014-03-02

Seems to be living up to expectations

Although my intentions are to use this as a lighting setup for an Indie feature movie (digital gels!) I ordered it ahead of time to use for throwing light on my house during Christmas. And while it didn't exactly light up the night, it did provide a nice glow in all the different colors. I cannot attest to its durability vis a vis the electronics, but it is physically well made and should hold up in that respect.

  • By By Jay on Amazon
  • 2014-02-01

Lights operating covered in snow,

So far so good these things are outside in my landscape covered with snow and illuminating the snow at this time nothing has failed.


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