51UV 395nM flashlight

• Emits 395 nanometer wavelength, hunting scorpions and minerals

• Hotel room inspection, rodent contamination

• Essential tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, medical forensics, HVAC repair

• 51 UV LED bulbs allow to cover a larger area

• Uses 3 AA Standard Alkiline Battery which cost same price as AAA, but last 3 times longer than AAA

US$ 10.99

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  • Black




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This large uv flashlight with 51 uv LEDs allows you to cover a much bigger area without losing the intensity of the UV light. The applications is perfect for inspection applications, security control, rodent contamination, hotel room inspection, and much more. Emits 395 nanometer wavelength 51 UV LED allow to cover a larger area Makes semen stains and other bodily fluids fluoresce! Perfect for outside use such as hunting scorpions and minerals! Water and shock resistant! Perfect for Leak Detection! Rugged, machined aluminum construction with knurled design! Due to the intensity of this UV LED device UV protective glasses are recommended. Do not look into this device while operating nor shine in any person's eyes.

•  Emits 395 nanometer wavelength, hunting scorpions and minerals
•  hotel room inspection, rodent contamination
•  Essential tool for law enforcement, postal inspections, customs, medical forensics, HVAC repair
•  51 UV LED bulbs allow to cover a larger area
•  Uses 3 AA Standard Alkiline Battery which cost same price as AAA, but last 3 times longer than AAA



Bulb Type: 390 to 395 (nM)
Bulb Life: 100,000 Hours
Body Materia: Aluminum with "O" rings for water resistance
Battery Require: 3 x AA Alkaline Battery (Not Included)
Battery Life: Approximately 20 hours on 3 AA batteries
Switch Type: Push On/Off button
Weight: 10 oz. 285 gram
Head Diameter: 2.25" or 57 mm Body
Diameter: 1.42" or 36 m



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  • By By james aboytes (on Amazon)
  • 2014-07-23

Five Stars,


  • By By Ward Starring "Retired guy" (Bremerton, Washing
  • 2014-06-17

Very nice, quite bright, no confusion,

I don't see what the confusion is about installing the AA batteries. The unit has a battery crib which holds three double-A batteries. Yes, the spring-end is your negative but if you look inside the crib where the battery goes, there is a picture molded in that shows how the battery is supposed to be inserted... pretty straight forward. And the over-all crib has it's ends marked for "+" (positive, the smaller end of your battery) and "-" (negative). The ONLY part that isn't marked is inside the flashlight, where the battery crib gets inserted. Again, the "spring end" (as in the end cap of the light) is your negative end so just drop the "plus" end into the light first. The light performs well even in daylight but in a darker room it really shines, no pun intended. It will fluoresce anything light colored, like lint on the carpet but when you detect a urine stain, even old stains from a long time ago, they really stand out from their background. I'm really happy with this UV light and would recommend it for anyone wishing to detect urine stains or even to light up your white clothes at night! There are many fun things to do with this, even check your folding money for the security markings!

  • By By JJFlagg on Amazon
  • 2014-06-16

Scorpions can't hide,

This thing is bright enough to use in the presence of quite a bit of ambient light. Some bits of trash show up as very bright white or blue. Scorpions don't shine so brightly, but have a very distinctive green color.

  • By By Annie on Amazon
  • 2014-06-03

just as advertised!,

Very handy and valuable in using to identify scorpions in the house! They glow and are seen easily with this blacklight flashlight!

  • By By Kyle (Georgia)on Amazon
  • 2014-06-02

UV dye detector,

I use this flashlight to find leaks in my cars. I have purchased oil, glycol and refrigerant compatible dyes to detect. One of the nice things about the 395 nm wavelength is that it also gives off light in the visible spectrum so it also lights my way around when the lights are off. A 365 nm lighting device works well on the fluorescent dyes, but is clumsy to use in the dark. This flashlight can also be used to detect the presence of scorpions.

  • By By Justthefacts (Texas) on Amazon
  • 2014-05-22

Nice and Bright,

Nice and big. comfortable to use easy to operate. I would recommend future buys to purchase rechargeable batteries and charger

  • By By GrantV (NYC) on Amazon
  • 2014-05-14

Little Beauty!,

Jewel of a little flashlight that puts out an abundance of UV light. Always interesting to shine UV around a dark room to see what you can find. And fascinating to see the UV 'watermarks' they put on bills these days. Smart to use AA batteries also as the AAA are too expensive from a cost/energy standpoint.

  • By By Adam Edmondson on Amazon
  • 2014-04-16

Huge output, works great with a single 18650!,

This UV light was such a good price for its claimed output, I had to pick it up and try it out. We live in Arizona and get scorpions every summer, so having a UV light for inspections around the house is a must. This unit replaced a cheap smaller drug store UV flashlight which worked, but didn't light up a very big area and you had to get close. This light puts out so much, you can use it as a regular flashlight in the dark. It makes UV reflective items glow from over 20' away. for example, I use the weedeater in my back yard to clean up the edge of our small grass area. I use a flourescent yellow trimmer cord, and this light picked up the tiniest little pieces of it all across the yard. Some from over 30' away! They shined like they were glow-sticks. It picked up small pieces of lint and made them look like stars. The UV output is so intense I could use it as light in the darkest parts of the yard. I must say, the output may be enhanced because I tried an 18650 rechargeable Lithium ion battery in it, in place of the 3-AA battery holder that comes with this flashlight. The chamber of the flashlight is long enough to allow even a protected button-top 18650 to fit in it. All I had to do was wrap some trimmed cardboard around the battery to keep it centered (the flashlight is about twice as wide as an 18650 battery) and the contacts line right up. I was able to screw the cap on the flashlight all the way down to the rubber gasket seal, thanks to a nice long spring contact in the cap and a deep recess in it. Sweet! I can't wait for some warmer nights to take this thing out in our surrounding desert and find me some scorpions! So far, we haven't found any in the house this season but I know they're coming.

  • By By pamela on Amazon
  • 2014-03-31

Would recommend it .,

very happy with item . If you want to see how clean a bathroom is go in and turn light off and you will see what is clean and what is not .Also can be used to look for bed bugs in motels .

  • By By John on Amazon
  • 2014-03-21

Initial impressions of UV LED Flashlight,

This flashlight came on schedule and worked properly. I haven't used it much yet but first impression is it appears sturdy and well built. There is no documentation with the flashlight. That probably isn't a big deal other than perhaps how to load the batteries. It has a 3-AA battery holder that slides in and out of the base of the flashlight. Insertion of the batteries into the battery pack are marked on the holder...just remember to put negative on the spring side. There is no markings of how to insert the holder into the flashlight, The end with the protrusion goes in first. Not a big deal, but could be better marked as other reviewers have noted. It casts a large beam of UV light with good intensity. You can see blue light from the LEDs in the daytime, so not truly a black light, but definitely casts enough UV that you can see its effects at night. I plan to use this to look for scorpions when they start coming out. I will update after I use it more if there are any issues.


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