Portable LED WorkLight (10 Watts / Grey)

  • Detachable and long-lasting Battery. Ultra-Large Capacity: 2200mAhx4 (8800mAh) lithium batteries.
  • Can charge smart phone via USB with 5V/1A and can be charged by standard power source or car power.
  • Durable Construction with a STELL FRAME. High End and Ultra-Compact Metal,Fade Resistant.
  • Excellent Exquisite Craftsmanship. Outstanding Attention to Detail and Flexible Light Regulation.
  • Super Bright and Low Energy Consumption. Equal to 100W halogen bulb. Save 90% energy.

List Price: US$79.99

sale: US$ 42.99


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Brilliant Batteries

Detachable and long-lasting lithium batteries, ultra-large capacity: 8800mAh(2200mAhx4)

Humanized Design

Can charge smart phone via USB and can be charged by standard power source.
Waterproof IP 65 rating, the best solution to use outdoor.

Durable Construction

Excellent craftsmanship with a steel frame. Free rotating design enables hands-free operation.


Multiple Applications

Great for camping, garage working, hunting, fishing and street painting.


* EAN/UPC/GCID: 527BD9D3D191C437
* Power: 10 watts
* Color of Light: Pure & White
* Lithium Battery: 8800mAh
* CCT: 5500K-6000K
* Input Voltage: 12/24V DC
* IP Rating: IP65
* Working Time: 3-4 Hours
* Charging Time: 4-5 Hours
* CE Approved
* No Hazardous Emissions. No UV or IR Radiation

Package Includes:

- 1x Light
- 1x Battery
- 1x Adapter
- 1x Car Charger
- 1x User Manual



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  • By David by Amazon
  • 2014-06-07

Great light

Love this thing ! Works great except for charging . It takes hours to charge just to use it for a couple of hours . And it can not be turned on while charging .That is the only drawback.

  • By By Dan Farley on Amazon
  • 2014-05-22

Shines a Lite where you need it!,

I bought this for my wife. She does a booth at monthly street fairs in town and power is hard to come by. Generators are a distraction and this sounded like the perfect alternative. Mounted on a photo studio lighting pole at about 8 feet it provides wonderful illumination for her set-up. It also attracts every gadget guy that comes by - bonus! The 4-5 hour life is long enough to get her through closing with no problem. Its durable - and we keep it charged up for other uses around the house when you need some more light on whatever project you've got going on.

  • By By Kona-Sean "Kona-Sean" (Kona, Hawaii)on Amazon
  • 2014-04-15

Portable LED,

I was considering another rechargeable unit that was a lot bigger and had multiple LED's, but I'm glad I bought this one instead. It's compact, the battery lasts long, doesn't get hot and the amount of light it gives off is exceptional. Good product.

  • By By gejunk89
  • 2014-02-28


Received the package and found it to be quite small. I thought there would be no way this could provide enough light. That being said, I charged it up and gave it a shot. I was pleasantly surprised with the brightness and found the small size a huge plus. If you are looking for something to completely light up a room or a garage, I highly recommend the product.

  • By By Amazon Customer "yogisbear" (Traveling) on Amaz
  • 2014-02-16

Just about Perfect,

I am a welder by trade and bought this for work. I would say without a doubt I will buy more of this. The one I did buy has lasted me 2 weeks now with me welding near it. Here are some pros and cons for this product. Pros Really bright (I recommend not staring at it straight on it will temporarily blind you) The charge has held good for 5 hours like they say. It is very small for how bright it can be and easy to put in a tool box. Nice for emergency like a flat tire or camping. Easy to set up anywhere. It is water proof. Cons. One big thing I can say is its down fall is I have not found a place to order a extra battery. I would love one for long work days. The plastic front says it is replaceable but once again don't know where to buy one if it breaks. The charge time is just as long as the life time. No emergency light to signal people All in all I would recommend this for everyone for camping, in the car, especially the hard working blue collar worker.

  • By By Diana L (Midwest, USA)on Amazon
  • 2014-01-16

Exactly as pictured, great deal for the price!,

Decent price for a quality work light. Came as advertised. The light assembled easily and works great. Its ideal for outdoor use, camping, car traveling and other projects. Worth pointing out - it did not get hot even when my husband used it more than 2 hours.

  • By By Gerry Marrs (Pensacola, FL)on Amazon
  • 2014-01-13

Great light for focused project work!,

Incredibly responsive shipping and great service! This product was delivered to my doorstep in record time and I put it to use right out of the box. This light is perfect for use with amateur photography, camping, or working on the car. I bought it to work on a project in my garage which doesn’t have the best light and it has already provided a nice focused beam that I used to do very intricate work. I also plan to take this with me camping for use with lighting up our tent area as well as an emergency backup battery for our cell-phones. I’m very happy with this purchase and highly recommend it for anyone who needs more light for any project! Great purchase!

  • By By Alex Jones on Amazon
  • 2014-01-12

Barely but perfect product!,

I brought this LED light for travel use. Quite handy, especially love the sponge around the handle-bar, which is quite comfort my hand when I grab it. The brightness is awesome and it’s quite enough for outside use. Touch feeling is so solid that makes me feel reliable. The only drawback is that I found the rubber plug is somehow too soft. Though I think that it might be designed to protect the USB port effectively, but I still prefer to the rigid plastic plug. So it’s barely become my dream portable light. It’s worthy to buy.

  • By By Amy Taylor on Amazon
  • 2014-01-10

Just what I need,

I am quite satisfied with this purchase. Its color and flexible design looks so strong that I think it's quite suitable to use. The most important thing is that I can use it indoor or outdoor by wireless. So the light helps me a lot because I need to stay overnight in some occasion to capture the beautiful view. Compared with the traditional flood light, its portable and charging feature performed outstanding especially when you were at outside. Highly recommend to people who work/play outside.

  • By By Jeff on Amazon
  • 2014-01-09

Do need this light!,

This is a great product to be with in your car, home, garage. The light does a good job when I have to do a repair job at night. It’s handy and steady, you can leave it sitting on the ground to work there or carry it to light up every area you need. I have it in my garage, and when I go on vacation I will put it in my car. I wouldn't want to be without this light whenever I have to do a repair job. Comfortable handle and bright light, will buy 2 or more!


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