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Note: The following warranty terms are for purchases made through official LOFTEK Sales channels only (LOFTEK, Amazon, and Newegg). If you purchased through other channels or a third-party retailer, please contact them directly.  

Customer satisfaction is our number one priority. Although we rigorously enforce high quality standards through multiple testing phases, mistakes and defects do occasionally occur. If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us (on the right) and we’ll get back to you within three business days.


Unconditional 30-Day Refund or Replacement

Not satisfied with your new LOFTEK product for any reason? Submit a claim within 30 days of purchase to receive a replacement or full refund.

12-Month Warranty

All LOFTEK products include a full 12-month warranty. If you encounter any quality issues during this period, feel free to contact us by submitting a claim below so that we can address your problem.

Free Lifetime Technical Support

Has any problem on how to get your LOFTEK product to work properly? Just contact us via techsupport@loftek.us. Our technical support team is always here to help!  

Warranty Limitations:

Please note that the following actions will void the conditions of your LOFTEK warranty.

Improper maintenance

Improper use or installation

Aftermarket modification

Ownership period exceeding 12 months

FREE Extended Warranty

In addition to our standard 12-month warranty, LOFTEK also offers an additional 6-month extended warranty for registered customers. Simply sign in or create a new account, then submit a request here.

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We’ll reply to you via email within 2 days of receiving your request. Thank you for your cooperation and kind understanding.