Creepy Halloween lighting ideas 2019


Halloween is getting closer and closer. In order to have enough time to make Halloween creative decorations, it's best to start thinking about how to scare your children (and maybe even adults) when they come to visit in hopes of collecting their treats. Since you may have some party ideas and home decor options, let's take a look at lighting up the outside of your home.

You need to create a certain atmosphere and prepare your guests for what is in store for them. By using creative lighting and other effects, you can set the tone to cool the spine of those who bravely enter your lair!

Welcome! Hahaha!

The dimly lit path leading to the doorway is a sure way. When they arrive at your bright door and want to safely retrieve some treats, they can give some the willies. Who knows what will jump out of the shadows? Some carved pumpkins stare at your arrival guests to enhance this moment.

The excitement is increased through the dark path of the cemetery.



A colorful cemetery can attract many ghouls, ghosts and other friends to your home on Halloween.


Red, blue, purple green and white lighting make for an attractive graveyard. Look at that waif!
Good color contrast can add sharp orange toothy pumpkins with scars on a blue background, highlighting ferns and cross tombstones. Join the gimmick for a ghostly embellishment.

Don’t forget the Fog!

Purple light can increase the creep effect. Combine it with a well-lit entrance and fog to shock visitors.

Twisting the light and dark areas can achieve the same terrible effect. Look at the brightly lit castle below. The buildings and entrances of the dragon mouth are bright, but the dark areas beyond the threshold make the imagination crazy with the things beyond.
Add some orange light, fog, cobwebs and some orange cones and police bands along the semi-dark path, you know this can even scare the bravest. Is that a mummy hanging on a noose?
Renting or even buying a fog machine can be a huge investment, adding a creepy feel to the building entrance. Even with little light, fog can be reminiscent of all kinds of horror. Some of the open doors have a dark interior that is uninformed.

Try some children friendly lightings!

A little whimsy and happiness can attract toddlers and provide them with a pleasant welcome. If you like to see them in their costumes, give them and their parents a wonderful experience.

If you have the time, try to make some lovely Halloween lights by yourself. Just use your imagination and creativity and make some pumpkin lights that have friendly faces. Children will absolutely love them!


Now start looking for inspiration from LOFTEK for this Halloween!

(pics and some text are from the web)



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