LOFTEK LED mood light new arrivals giveaway winners announcement


This summer, the best spot in town can be found through your back door. Place the LOFTEK mood light anywhere and instantly change the feel and atmosphere of the area. We know you need some changes for your life style in this summer, so we did a giveaway just for you! Thanks all of you guys so much for your participation! Now it's time to announce the winners and the top 2 popular shape lights!

The winners!


"I am thrilled to win the Shape Light giveaway!  I'm excited to use this indoors and also outside on my patio.  I love the water drop shape, it is a very unique design. I thank you for your generosity." -- Cindy Vincent

"I am thrilled to be the lucky winner in the latest Loftek contest and want to thank Loftek for hosting such great giveaways. I can't wait to show off my prize. It will go right in my front entryway where I can show it off for all to see!" -- Meg Tucker

loftek new arrival mood light

The top 2 poplular LED shape light is : the waterdrop shape and candle flame shape.

Let's have a look at what people talking about waterdrop shape light:

  • I like the Waterdrop shape best because it is so versatile. I have a spot on my desk where it would look great and act as a night light when the room is being used by guests.
  • I chose the waterdrop shape for serenity. I would put this in my living room.
  • I like the waterdrop shape because it was most aesthetically pleasing to me. I'll use it in my living room.
  • The water drop,as a nightlight for my daughter.
  • The waterdrop shape is soothing and would be used in my bedroom
  • Water balances my earth sign = peace! Will place in my bedroom for nightly meditation.

About candle flame shape light:

  • I chose the candle flame because it's so unique and different than any I've seen. I'd love to put it in my front entry hall and show it off for my company to see as soon as they walk in!
  • Honestly be easier to chose with them lit, with a black background. The Candle Flame be nice on our open porch, restroom, long hallway, fishing pier & more.
  • I like the candle flame shape because it will look great on the desk in my daughter's dorm room.
  • Flame shape would take less footprint and would be used in bathroom.
And other shape mood light:
  • This would be great for some of our wedding decorations and afterwards in our backyard around our pool.
  • I chose Dolphin and would use it either in the bathroom or my teens room.
  • I chose the peach shape because it looks the most subtle and will blend into any decor. I will use my light on my computer desk to add a nice touch.
  • Love the combination of curve and point. Will look very cool lighting the way to the chicken coop!
  • The butterfly shape is so lovely and I would use it in the bedroom.
  • I picked the Peach Shape light because it was relaxing and pleasing to see. I would place the Peach Shape light from LOFTEK in a rec/TV room on a dimmer switch.
  • I love dolphins so it is just a perfect choice for me.
  • I love the butterfly shape I want to put it in my daughters room
  • ...
  • It would add such a nice decorative touch to the bedroom my grandchildren sleep in when they come to visit.



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  • Mina

    Congrats! Cindy Vincent & Meg Tucker! Honestly, I like the candle flame shape most.

  • YR

    Congrats!!!That’s awesome!

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