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LOFTEK foyer decor ideas

The foyer is an introduction to your home, so it’s memorable, stylish and inviting. The proper foyer decoration can immediately make guests feel at home, build the spirit of your home, or be a small space filled with practical storage solutions. One method is to propose a lighting scheme and decorate according to the scheme, such as using some color-changing ball lights to enhance your foyer ambience.


Have no idea how to decorate your foyer? Here we collected some of our favorite foyer décor ideas for your inspiration.

LOFTEK blog of foyer decor lighting

Pairing antiques with modern pieces allows you to see older items with new eyes and provides a more collected, less designed look.

The designer hand-painted the floor into a geometric pattern that was consistent with the formal color of the room, but made sure it had some patina to prevent it from feeling too precious. Minor damage to the paint reveals some wood grain, while a glossy polyurethane coating protects the design from wear marks.


This style is a combination of vintage and modern, usually decorated with white wall background and warm wood accents, patterned area carpets that feel good under the feet and other accent details that make the space feel enticing and comfortable, like a blanket or pillow throws casually on a bench or potted plant in the corner.

LOFTEK lights for foyer decor Bold-First-Impression

Bold first impression. Combine the colors of the same family and greet your guests in a refined style. By using different shades of blue on the walls, tables, and accents, you can make modern-style statements at the moment your guests step inside.

LOFTEK lights for foyer decor countryside-retreat-foyer-decor

When renovating this country resort, the designer ensured that the original features of the home were preserved as much as possible, even if they updated the decor to modern, they added a series of accent details that hint at the vintage style. This applies to all spaces, starting from the foyer.

LOFTEK lights for foyer decor Confidence-with-Color

Confidence with color. The exuberant purple of this diamanté-patterned front door contrasts sharply with the warm yellow tones of the walls, but ties in nicely to the hanging lanterns that are trimmed in matching purple velvet.

LOFTEK Foyer-lighting-decor

Foyer lighting is important. A dark, gloomy entrance hallway is not a sign of a warm home. On the other hand, plenty of natural light can make this place more exciting. If you are not a fan of ceiling lights, you can use some lamps to improve the atmosphere.

Foyer decor with LOFTEK lights

Since lighting is such an essential part of foyer décor, you must want to explore the right one and your desired one for your foyer ambience setting. Now it’s an excellent chance for you to have a look at LOFTEK led décor lights, you are going to be surprised!

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