4-inch RGB LED Cube Light
You need this light for your gaming setup!! Simple but really coo! Set up your gaming room with color-changing cube light in 4-inch. Story from one of the cube lamp users. "I love stuff like this, so it was right...
$36.99 $26.99
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LED RGB Touch Sensor Bedside Lamp
Easy to use and really lights up the room! This would be great for an infant or young toddler as it's super easy to use and can captivate a young child for quite some time as they watch the colors alternate, etc. But alas, it was enough to...
$49.99 $32.99
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7-inch RGB LED Cube Light
Perfect Patio Addition for Event or Party! Great and easy enhancement for parties, events, weddings or ceremonies, this lamp is your right choice!    Story from one of the cube lamp users. "The Product is as I expected it to...
$49.99 $39.99
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Upgraded 8-inch LED Ball Light
Lighting takes shape! Looking to spice up your interior, outdoors, or party decor with something a little unique? With all featuring beautiful colored LED lighting technology, the LOFTEK 8-inch LED Ball Light with Hanging D-ring is a cool, stylish piece of decoration...
$49.99 from $36.99
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Moving Wick Electric Timing LED Candle Sets
If you like it, you can pre-order by sending us emails at sales@loftek.us Please note: Due to the special material of wax, the delivery time of these LED Candle sets will be 7-10 business days. Create a romantic ambiance for your event & party. Light up with LOFTEK unscented real...
$36.99 $31.99
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