You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers. Below you will find a few questions commonly asked about LOFTEK. For specific product questions, please navigate to the appropriate product page.

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What products does LOFTEK offer?
We specialize in LED devices, including floodlights, portable lights, and decorative “shape lights”. We are constantly refining and expanding our product offerings, so be sure to subscribe to our newsletter below for updates.

What is LED?
LED stands for “light emitting diode”. In simple terms, LED is a type of artificial light, in the same way that halogen, incandescent, and florescent lights are. LEDs are smaller than those types, however, and offer a number of benefits.

What are the advantages of LED?
Compared to traditional light sources, such as incandescent and halogen, light-emitting diodes (LED) are safer, longer-lasting, and can be up to 80-90% more energy efficient. They are also cooler (both in appearance and temperature)!

LEDs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights. For some LED products, you never have to change a single bulb. They dim gradually as they approach the end of their lifespan, rather than dying suddenly. Finally, LEDs themselves are physically quite tough and durable, holding up to heavy and prolonged use. All of that means less money and time spent worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your device.

Energy efficient
As mentioned above, LEDs can be up to 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional lights. Which means more money in your pocket and less impact on our planet.

Because they are so energy efficient, LEDs only generate very small amounts of heat when compared to wasteful incandescent bulbs, so there’s a greatly reduced risk of fire and other accidents. Also, they are free from harmful emissions such as lead, mercury, and carbon.

Learn more from the US Department of Energy here.

Are LOFTEK products safe?
As safe as we can possibly make them. We comply with RoHS, UL, CE, and other relevant guidelines and maintain MSDS certificates for all of our products.

Where can I purchase LOFTEK products?
On our official website here or on Amazon.

What is LOFTEK’s return policy?
We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products, starting from the date of purchase. During this period, purchases may be returned for a full refund for any reason.

Do you offer wholesale/OEM options?
We do offer wholesale pricing to serious buyers. Please send any wholesale inquiries to

What is a floodlight?
Floodlights are high-intensity lights with a wide beam angle and can be used to illuminate outdoor areas, workspaces, homes, and businesses. Our floodlights are extremely versatile and often used for decor or accent lighting as well as for security and other functions.

Why choose a LOFTEK floodlight?
LOFTEK offers a wide range of LED floodlights that are powerful, versatile, and affordable. It’s easy to find the perfect light to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for large and in-charge or light and portable.

Our floodlights’ features include lighting that ranges from cool/warm white light to vibrant RGB, exceptional durability, top-class quality assurance and customer service, and a full manufacturer warranty. See the chart below for a brief summary of our floodlight lines, or explore our Products section to see all of our available floodlights and other products.

How do I care for or maintain my LOFTEK product?
We recommend that you inspect your LOFTEK fixture monthly or more to check for dirt and debris build-up on lenses and between fins of any heatsinks. To clean, wipe with a soft, damp cloth, but do not submerge in water. Do not disassemble your LOFTEK product unless qualified, as it could pose a safety risk and will void your warranty. For any ongoing or significant problems, contact us. Keep LOFTEK products away from open flames and other extreme-temperature environments.

Why is the white light in the 50W RGB floodlight not bright enough and seem bluish?
LED chip in RGB floodlights has three component chips: red, green, and blue. The white light is a composite of the three colors, and thus not a “true” white. Our dedicated white floodlights output a true white tone, however.

If you have more than one light in the same area, will one remote operate them all or is a remote needed for each unit?
Multiple lights can be controlled by one remote. Please note that the signal receiver is usually on the front side of the device, and the viable signal transmission angle is 270 degrees, so you may have to adjust your or the lights’ positioning to use one remote on multiple lights. The effective control distance is within 26’ (8m), and 6.5’ (2m) is recommended. Note that if pointing the remote at the back of the device, the total effective control distance drops to about 6.5’ (2m).

Why are some of your lights remote-operated only?
All of our floodlights are waterproof to varying degrees. Adding external switches requires compromising the sealing integrity, and so would reduce any waterproofing ability. If you damage or misplace your included remote, we offer replacement remotes on our site and on Amazon.

Does LOFTEK offer a warranty?
Yes! All of our products come with a standard 1-year limited warranty. Registered customers can enjoy an 18-month extended warranty. For details on both, please click here.

How about technical support?
We’ve got that too. We are available at to address any usage questions or issues you may have.

Can I modify LOFTEK products myself?
We recommend against it. In fact, disassembling your LOFTEK product constitutes a violation of the warranty conditions and will void your warranty. That being said, if you know what you are doing, nothing is stopping you.

What makes LOFTEK different than generic LED sellers?
There are a lot of online LED retailers these days. We try to stand out from the pack with:
A. High-quality, original-design products (which most sellers don’t have).
B. Responsive customer service (which most sellers don’t have).
C. A reliable warranty (which most sellers don’t have).

These are some of the reasons why LOFTEK has become a trusted name among the sea of unreliable online LED retailers.

Where is LOFTEK based?
Our company is based in the San Francisco Bay Area (Union City), with major operations in China and Europe as well.

What does the name “LOFTEK” mean?
The initial discussion about forming the company took place in a coffee shop called “Loft”. When it came time to choose a name, someone came up with the idea to stick “tech” on the end of Loft and thus LOFTEK was born.

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