SANSI 17W Dimmable A19/E26 light bulb-Warm White 3000K

  • 【End Date 2017/3/31 Save 30% each on this item when you purchase 1 or more. Enter code ALMKT030 at checkout.】Warm White – These gorgeous LED bulbs provide soft, warm white lighting to help reduce eye strain, increase visual range, and enhance décor.
  • Dimmable – Perfect for your ceiling fan, bedroom desk lamp, dining room chandelier, or bathroom vanity, these dimmable light bulbs help set the mood.
  • Energy Efficient – Equivalent to a 150-Watt incandescent bulb, these 17-watt LED lights can help you save hundreds over the lifetime of the bulb.
  • Certified Quality –SANSI bulbs are crafted to international safety and reliability standards, including UL.
  • Visual Support – Along with dimmable adjustability that saves on energy costs, our LED bulbs offer no flicker and stable control to protect your eyesight.

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Add warm, efficient color to your living room, bedrooms or hallways with energy friendly LED bulbs from SANSI.


If you’re ready to replace your old incandescent bulbs with new high-energy efficient LED bulbs, then look no further than SANSI Warm White LED Bulbs. Dimmable, versatile and equivalent to a 150-Watt incandescent, our light LED bulbs offer gorgeous recessed or lamp lighting for any room in your home. Simply swap out your old or burnt out bulbs with our LED bulbs and save money, enjoy clearer, more efficient lighting, and add a little mood and style to any room in your house.


Products Details:

17W LED Light Bulb

Warm White


Energy Efficient

Equivalent to 150W Incandescent Bulb

Certified: ULvvvv

Order Includes One (1) Bulb

5-Years Warranty


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