Nova Black 50W White Light Floodlight

  • CONVINIENT& SAVE MONEY:This floodlight is added timing function. You can set a timer with our remote control to shut down it and no need to turn it off manually. Also,it is a good way to save money without purchasing an extra timer.
  • WIDE BEAM ANGLE: 120° beam angle,providing great bright light and lighting up a large range
  • BRIGHT & ENERGY EFFICIENT: 6500 lumens, great replacement for 150W traditional HPS lamp, saving over 80% on your electricity bill.
  • DURABLE MATERIAL:Aluminium Die-Cast Alloy shell and Tempered Glass. Impact tested & Vibration tested and Extreme Temperature tested before packing.
  • INDOOR&OUTDOOR USE:With IP66 rating, this adjustable floodlight can be widely used in outdoor and indoor lighting projects, including billboards, show windows, gardens, warehouses and security lighting.

US$ 49.99

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  • By Silvia Washington
  • 0000-00-00

Wow what a cool flood light

Wow what a cool flood light. This comes with a remote control. It can be set to 3, 6, 9 or 12 hrs. It has a flash function as well as a reset. It can be either hung up or the handle can be adjusted with screws that come with the package. It is very sturdy and has a 50w output. I can only recommend this product.

  • By West Texas Hunter
  • 0000-00-00

Good Bright Light

Installed in backyard to watch for critters before letting the dogs out. It works good and is bright. I am trying to avoid having to clean up dogs that have been sprayed by skunks. I just wish the remote worked from behind the light.

  • By jessica spaltner penney
  • 0000-00-00

What an amazing light. It is pretty heavy duty and when ...

WOW!!! What an amazing light. It is pretty heavy duty and when you plug it in - the brightest light comes out. It is very easy to use. We liked that it is very well constructed and the multiple settings that can be used.

  • By mike bennett
  • 0000-00-00

Super bright light at a great price!!!!!

This Loftek 50W daylight white floodlight is very bright. It has a wide beam angle. It appears to be very well made. It comes with a remote control that makes it much easier for me to control. I hung it up high to light up my yard. I really like the timer modes so I can set it to go off in 3,6,9, or 12 hours. This light is much better than I expected. I will definitely recommend this light to my friends and family.

  • By phil
  • 0000-00-00

Five Stars

Super duper bright! Great light.

  • By Grace
  • 0000-00-00

Small yet super bright

The Loftek 50W Timing Daylight White Flood Light, is a powerful, convenient size, and perfect light to light up your garden, yard, pool, garage, or worksite. It^s wide beam and rotatable design makes it easier to position the light to a specific area. The remote control allows for easy access to turn on/off or set the timer for 3, 6, 9, or 12 hours. It comes with a bracket for easier mounting. I was very pleased with the quality of the product and the actual lighting is produces. This is a reasonable priced and high quality product. I would definately recommend this product.

  • By Dayna
  • 0000-00-00

The packaging is great and very indicative of the high quality light provided

I am very impressed with this floodlight. The packaging is great and very indicative of the high quality light provided. The light is small enough that it doesn^t take up a lot of room in your garage or shed, but the amount of light it gives off is excellent. Great floodlight for mechanics, painters, contractors or just to use in your own back yard. Very pleased with this product and would recommend to anyone!

  • By Ryan
  • 0000-00-00

This light is super bright. It lights up my whole back yard

This light is super bright. It lights up my whole back yard! I love it the only thing I don^t like about it is it doesn^t have a power switch instead it has a remote which is great but it doesn^t reach very far. Other then that this is a great product

  • By Digital
  • 0000-00-00

Five Stars

Sturdy bright light with convenient remote control.

  • By Amy C.
  • 0000-00-00


I got this flood light because I wanted the outside of my house to be lit up. It is a very good job with light was very bright And very heavy duty. It comes with the screws to mount it. And the different times on the remote. There^s an option for the light to stay on all the time or to flash. I am very pleased with this flood light. I have a great spot for it to light up my driveway where we park my cars. This light is very good quality and very durable.


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