Portable LED WorkLight (10 Watts / Yellow)

  • Portable Power: Portable floodlight that doubles as a battery-charging power bank; use it to charge a mobile device or to power the light.
  • Super Bright: 10 watt, 700-900 lumen LED lighting that lasts more than 4 hours on a full charge; as bright as a 100W halogen bulb
  • Built Tough: Ultra-durable aluminum and steel housing stands up to whatever you throw at it; IP65 dust and waterproof.
  • Multifunctional: Detachable, USB-chargeable battery with an 4400mAh rated capacity and 5V/1A charging for mobile devices.
  • LOFTEK’s Guarantee: We stand by our products with a 12 month, unlimited warranty and full technical support when you purchase from us.

US$ 42.99

Color / Size:

  • Yellow




Q & A

Rugged Design
Made of tough aluminum and iron. IP65 rated (fully sealed against dust and particle ingress, waterproof up to moderate water jets)

Equipped with 5V/1A charging capability for recharging mobile devices. Minimum effective charge of 4400mAh

Adjustable and convenient
With a solid, adjustable base and top handle, it can be used in a fixed position or on the go.

Multiple Application
Perfect choice for your Camping,Garage Working,Hunting,Fishing,Street Painting.

Portable Power

Massive power in a small package. Max battery capacity of 4400mAh and 700-900lm of beautiful LED light; easy to carry and store. Charge via USB or included car charger.

Package Includes: Work light, rechargeable battery, AC adapter, car charger, user manual
Power: 10W
Charger Input: AC 100-240v
Battery  Input: 4.2V
Battery Output: 5V/1A
Beam angle: >120 degree
Max light distance: 65 ft
CCT: 5500K-6000K


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  • By  Richard by Amazon
  • 2014-11-04

Great Product!

Bright, pure white light that can easily light up a small area. Battery life is tremendous. Only drawback is the cover on the power switch makes it a little tricky to turn on. Otherwise, works as advertised.

  • By  michael k bossman by Amazon
  • 2014-10-30

It's awesome and I 'll need 4 of them n I ...

It's awesome and I 'll need 4 of them n I hope I 'll get a deal from you guys tnx

  • By  J. Traeger by Amazon
  • 2014-10-30

Bought this for my son and he loves it! ...

Bought this for my son and he loves it! Bought an extra battery to go with it as it takes a while for the battery to charge. It gives off a very bright light and is well made.

  • By Billy by Amazon
  • 2014-10-29

Much brighter than I expected.

This light is straight up bright! Much brighter than I expected for sure. The quality seems to be top notch. Again, much better than I expected. Not sure how long the battery will last but so far so good. What I really liked is that it came with a car charger as well. Also a USB port to charge your phone was a nice touch. Great product.

  • By matthew ahlstrom by Amazon
  • 2014-10-13

Five Stars

Awesome light this thing is powerful awesome product.

  • By  Pete Emmel by Amazon
  • 2014-10-01

As for the battery...

Product looks and works as I expected. As for the battery, it can be replaced but you must dissect the battery pack to get to it. Remove the 3 Phillips screws and pop open the black cover. Now you will see what you are up against in regards to removing the old battery, its a job, and if your not handy with small tools then its impossible. I got the battery out and back in with no issues or without breaking anything. Now I am looking for a generic replacement because all batteries have a life span. UPDATE. If you search on 7.4 volt battery you should find replacement battery choices. Looks like the 7.4 volt lithium battery is used mostly in the RC (radio controlled) stuff.

  • By Casper Anwar by Amazon
  • 2014-09-30

Sturdy build and bright light

For a small product, this is a very strong and bright. The size is also perfect for carrying or putting into a tool box. It can easily be set up anywhere, in any weather. Whether you are on the road at night and need to stop, in your garden, or working in a garage, the use for this light is certainly not limited.The sponge around the handle bar is a nice touch, easy to grip and comfortable to carry. Overall it is a solid build which makes it feel reliable and long lasting. You do not have to worry about it breaking on you!

  • By  Tom Lin by Amazon
  • 2014-09-18

great portable work light.

Very bright, very convenient. Well built

  • By Heather Baluta by Amazon
  • 2014-08-11

Amazing light weight super bright!

I have been looking for a flood light to light up my backyard during summer months so I can keep an eye on the dogs while they are out. I was first disappointed when opening the box because the light was TINY compared to what I had imagined in my head. As soon as it got dark out I took this little guy out and its AMAZING. SO bright, light weight yet made of quality products to I hope it will hold up. This is perfect for what I needed. Thinking about even ordering a second one because we live in Florida where there are often storms that take the power out and this thing can even charge in the car! Highly recommend this light.

  • By  RH by Amazon
  • 2014-08-06

I think it's sufficient to say that two of these side by side would be pretty close to the same cove

I just got this in today so I can't attest as to how long it will last but it seems well built. It says it's as bright as a 100 watt halogen bulb but I think that's a stretch. It is bright and it will definitely serve it's purpose but don't buy this thinking that it will be an equal replacement for your plug in halogen light because it doesn't spread the light over as wide of an area. I would compare it to a really bright wide beam spotlight as far as coverage goes. I work in dark spaces and lugging around a generator, extension cords and lights is a bit much for the smaller jobs so I bought this to try and avoid having to haul all that stuff around. I think it's sufficient to say that two of these side by side would be pretty close to the same coverage area that a 100 watt halogen work light would cover. If it works for 3 to hours on a charge and holds up under normal use I will buy more of these because it sure beats the alternative.


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