Create the lighting atmosphere you need with a wide range of RGB tones and dramatic color-changing modes.

Sophisticated Design

The Nova Plus is fully remote-controlled, with power, color, brightness, and light mode all easily adjusted from a comfortable distance. Four built-in timed settings for auto shut-off eliminate the need for an external timer. A memory function saves your Nova settings each time you turn it off.

With a powerful yet energy-efficient LED chip, the Nova outputs vibrant lighting at only a fraction of the electricity consumption of traditional halogen and incandescent lights.

Rugged Construction

Built with high-quality materials and precision engineering, the Nova Plus is a floodlight with the durability to give you total peace of mind. Unlike generic LED floodlights, we made the Nova to stand up to heavy, long-term, and all-weather use. Rated IP66 waterproof and dust-tight, the Nova Plus provides the light you need, rain or shine.

  • Heat-diffusing fins keep device cool
  • Adjustable arm acts as stand or mounting bracket.

16 RGB Colors

Every Nova Plus RGB comes equipped with a 16-color LED lighting chip for a wide palette of vibrant color choices. Create the perfect lighting atmosphere any theme or mood by setting the Nova to a single color or activating one of the four color changing modes.

Example Applications

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