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Below you will find a few questions commonly asked about LOFTEK. For specific product questions, please navigate to the appropriate product page.

If your question is not answered here, feel free to contact us at any time or send us email directly at techsupport@loftek.us.

Question about warranty terms, please visit here: Warranty


Need login or register on loftek.us for extending your warranty?

Due to the updates of the website (loftek.us), all the LOFTEK members registered before May 3, 2018, if you need check your order history please visit: www.loftekdirect.com. Or you can register a new account on www.loftek.us.

1. You can register directly by clicking the icon at the top right corner, next to the navigation bar.

2. You can paste this link to registerwww.loftek.us/account/register

Shipping & delivery

Want to know more about the shipping?

Orders placed on Monday to Friday, Your items will be shipped out within 24 hours. Orders placed on weekend, your items will be shipped out with 48 hours. If you have a special case or requirement please note us. (In the process of adding to cart you can leave note to us).

When shipping within the contiguous U.S., your order or exchange will arrive within these delivery estimates based on your location and selected shipping speed.

Contiguous U.S: 4-7 business days for standard shippping, 3-5 business days for expedited shipping.

Rest of the World: 5-7 or 7-15 business days according to the country

Notice: For the delivery time it will depend on the situaltion. On certain holidays and high-volume shopping days may not be available. Please note that P.O. BoxesAOP, FPO, and DPO address are not eligible.

Beside US local, all the LOFTEK lightings can be deliver to most of the countries and regions. For most of the countries in Europe, America, Asia, the delivery day will be 5-7 business days, and a few countries may need 7-10 business days. In addition, you may need afford the shipping fee and the import taxes of your country.


All of LOFTEK members will get additional 6 months warranty service if warranty registration is done.

All LOFTEK LED products include a full 12-month warranty. Besides, LOFTEK offers an additional 6-month warranty for registered customer. Enter warranty to apply for it.

We offer a 30-day money-back guarantee for all products, starting from the date of purchase. During this period, purchases may be returned for a full refund for any reason.

All LOFTEK products include a full 12-month warranty. Besides, LOFTEK offers an additional 6-month warranty for registered customer. It's easy to apply for it. Follow as below:
1. If you don't have account on loftek.us, please register first, here is link: www.loftek.us/account/register
2. If you have already registered on loftek.us, then you only send an email to techsupport@loftek.us or leave message on warranty page to apply for it, and please do provide your order Number. Then we will have you recorded in our customer data center, and we'll inform you by email.


Want be an agent of us? Please feel free to contact us at sales@loftek.us or marketing@loftek.us

We do offer wholesale pricing to serious buyers. Please send any wholesale inquiries to sales@loftek.us
Wholesale: http://www.loftek.us/pages/wholesale
OEM & ODM: http://www.loftek.us/pages/wholesaleservice


Questions about our products? Don

As safe as we can possibly make them. We comply with RoHS, UL, CE, and other relevant guidelines and maintain MSDS certificates for all of our products.

Because all the LOFTEK LED lightings are so energy efficient, LEDs only generate very small amounts of heat when compared to wasteful incandescent bulbs, so there’s a greatly reduced risk of fire and other accidents. Also, they are free from harmful emissions such as lead, mercury, and carbon.

Learn more from the US Department of Energy here.

For LED lighting's user instructions, please visit our manual download page to find the manuals that you're looking for. Enter here: https://www.loftek.us/pages/download

LEDs last up to 10 times longer than incandescent, halogen or fluorescent lights. For some LED products, you never have to change a single bulb. They dim gradually as they approach the end of their lifespan, rather than dying suddenly. Finally, LEDs themselves are physically quite tough and durable, holding up to heavy and prolonged use. All of that means less money and time spent worrying about maintenance and more time enjoying your device.

As mentioned above, LEDs can be up to 80-90% more energy efficient than traditional lights. Which means more money in your pocket and less impact on our planet.

We have the light with white color, warm yellow color or RGB color (16 colors), but no lights just a stationary blue color. You can set a single color by remote. Find more floodlight here.

All of loftek motion sensor securtiy lights are just a motion sensor light, cannot be used for multi-purpose. If need a evening light, we have some floodlight with timer function.

Here we have a video of changing replacement bulb.

Here we have a detail comparison sheet for a clearer understanding of our led floodl lights.

All of our remotes are an IR remote. Please ensure there are no obstructions between the remote and the light for the remote to be effective.

You can try to open the lamp base with the screwdriver and let the water dry. Please note that all of LOFTEK led shape ligths are waterproof and please remember to close the DC charger seal before you put them in the pool. Both our ball light and cube light can foat in the pool, but it's better not to immerse in water more than 30 mins.

Here's the suggestion for safer use about LOFTEK shape lights:
1. Keep the light away from the extreme cold or hot.
2. Disconnect the charger when it is not being used.
3. Don't immerse the light in water.
4. Use the original adapter in the package to recharge the light.
5. Fully recharge the light after long time unused.


Floodlights are high-intensity lights with a wide beam angle and can be used to illuminate outdoor areas, workspaces, homes, and businesses. Our floodlights are extremely versatile and often used for decor or accent lighting as well as for security and other functions.

LOFTEK offers a wide range of LED floodlights that are powerful, versatile, and affordable. It’s easy to find the perfect light to suit your needs, whether you’re looking for large and in-charge or light and portable.

Our floodlights’ features include lighting that ranges from cool/warm white light to vibrant RGB, exceptional durability, top-class quality assurance and customer service, and a full manufacturer warranty. See the chart below for a brief summary of our floodlight lines, or explore our Products section to see all of our available floodlights and other products.

For all the question about IP camera (nexus 543, cxs 2200, cx 3200, NCS601W, or other model), sorry for that we haven't sold IP camera for 3 years now. Any question about IP camera, you can contact your merchant directly. We're sorry we can't provide you the support for the camera.

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