Light takes shape!

LOFTEK LED glow mood lights, simple but elegant and fun. Choose from a sphere, cube, candle, teardrop and more for unique decorative lighting.


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Loftek 8-inch LED Glow Ball Light

Stunning glowing orbs with a soft, even, pastel color of your choice. A great room accent night light. Easy to charge and very portable, which adds to the versatility of use.

Great cozy table setting - LOFTEK LED candle set

Light up with LOFTEK unscented real wax flickering pillar candle set to bring you a romantic ambiance for your event, party or family dinner.

Loftek 50 Watt Exterior/Interior LED Flood Light/Mood Light/Set Lighting Review

"This flood light has worked out awesome. I have used it a lot in the background of my latest videos. You can set it to a timer and change the lights to whatever color you choose. " - Candid Tech TV

A creative gift - LOFTEK 3D printing moon lamp

Absolutely gorgeous, eye-catching piece of versatile decor, complements any and every room. Dazzle your friends and guests! A perfect gift!

4 steps to install LOFTEK motion sensor security light

Installing an LOFTEK motion sensor security light is not hard, you can get guidance from this video to install a LOFTEK motion detector light.

Use a UV flashlight for hunting scorpins

Join me as I walk about the Arizona desert late at night with a UV flashlight in search of the dreaded and feared bark scorpion. - Video from Aquachigger

4 Steps to Install Motion Sensor Security Light

How to change the battery for shape light remote

LOFTEK NOVA LED Floodlight Tech Inside

How to replace the bulb for LOFTEK Decor Mood Light

LED Glow Mood Lamp for Wedding & Event Decorating

Nova Plus 50W Daylight White 6500K LED Flood Light

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