10 Creative Ideas of What A Glow Colored Lamp Can Do


led glow color changing ambience lamp for outdoor pool event
"I wanted to see if there are incentives to buy more of these orbs and squares for an event I am doing. Please let me know how best to work with your team to get some of the rechargeable devices/lights and possibly other lighting." - As one of our clients mentioned that most of us buy the LED glow orbs or cubes lamp for their upcoming event, new restaurant decorating, pool party, here we have collected some other creative ideas from our clients that can inspire you in a new & fun style!

led glow color changing ambience lamp for Psychological treatment

1. Perfect for depression

"After having purchased this product, I found that it is perfect for those with depression, particularly those who have a winter problem with lack of sunshine. In this case, according to the professionals providing treatment, it is also excellent for those recovering from a substance addiction. It turns out that buying this "on a lark" for a family member was more fortuitous than I imagined." - T. W. Murray

2. In order for us to see each other sign

"This piece is amazing! I got this because I host many deaf community events, and wanted to an outdoor evening event. In order for us to see each other sign, we need lights. This did the job! Everyone was able to see each communicating by sitting at the roundtables. I have plans to order more! The deaf community where I live and I loved this type of piece instead of a bright spotlight over our heads with moths flying everywhere!" - Kyle Kiser

loftek led glow orbs for outdoor camping trip

3. Big hit for outdoor camping trip

"I bought 4 of these orbs for a camping trip a few months ago and they were a big hit! The variety of colors and settings give you so many choices. Our favorite setting is one where it fades in and out of all the colors. The white and lighter colors give off plenty of light near the campfire. You can dim and brighten on every color setting. I charge it overnight and it lasts for the entire next evening. My daughter now uses it as a night light in her room and we put a few in our backyard for mood lighting as well. " 

4. Perfect for ambiance lighting

"This is good for ambiance lighting. I've tried to read a book on the brightest setting of white light unfortunately it is not that bright. I've recently tried it for my Halloween decor using it for a pumpkin face. It was cute! I attached low-tack adhesive tape cut into the shape of eyes, nose and mouth." -The Blue Dino

5. Creative stage props for dancers

Love this wonderfully unique illuminating ball!! I am a professional choreographer. I need to find the right object that would fit into the hands of dancers and yet still allowed them to dance. I had the vision of what I needed. Loftek ball was perfect! A true spark of inspiration!

loftek led glow ball for outdoor shop sign

6. Attractive outdoor sign for my shop

"I used this for an outdoor sign for my shop! With the stand I put it on it could endure the regular winds of better than 40+ MPH, endured Juneau rain and had a long battery life in single digit temperatures." - Jeste Helen Burton

7. Excited to use at my wedding!

"These are super cool! I bought 2 as an accessory for a lounge area we are creating at our evening wedding in November. We are considering setting these with either blue or orange, as those are the colors of our wedding, or just white which is very classy looking. The many settings are really cool, the "smooth" is neat as it just blends through the color wheel and a nice calm pace. our intention is to then use these for ambience on romantic patio evenings, or for yard parties. If nothing else, we're going to stick one in each of our boys' rooms for something fun for them." - Deb K

led cube seat for outdoor party

8. Excellent outdoor area purchase for your home 

"Fun and cool item! Great for outdoor grass area of your backyard or deck. We use ours outside at night and place drinks and liquor bottles on top. It makes a really wonderful display and serving area too. So many people have asked us about this product." - K. Camarota

led glow mood lamp for yoga classroom

9. Perfect for what I needed them for

"I tested them at a yoga class and another community family night out and they were PERFECT for what I have in mind next year (a dance). They are sturdy, yet easy to move, bright colors, fantastic for indoor or outdoor usage as they say. In one of my photos I placed removable vinyl to dress them up and it too was easy to put on. So I waited till black friday and got three more on sale -- If I get anymore my husband may divorce me LOLOLOL" - Brittany Springer

led glow cube seat for kids toy

10.Love it! Great for kids!

"We bought this cube light for our 5 year old to use with his magnetic tiles. Very sturdy, the colors are pretty and make his buildings turn different colors. We’re very happy with this light."

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