2019 Best Event Decoration Ideas to Make Your Event Stand Out

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2019 best event decoration ideas

Are you struggling to think ideas for your next event? For event planners, the challenge lies in finding unique ways to impress guests. Whether you're planning a corporate event, birthday or anniversary parties, celebrations, wedding, meeting, gala, showers or other special event & occasions, Try some of tried and tested tips for various types of events! Here to take a look at the top decor ideas in events.

1. Arrangements

Try to think outside the typical arrangements. Consider making it an event “in the round,” with seating arranged in a circle facing a central focal point.

event arrangement

2. Table centerpieces

Party table centerpieces and beautiful decorations can help transform a simple party into a true masterpiece.

loftek led glow orbs for table centerpiece

Led Glow Orb

event planning table centerpiece

3. Unique Seating

You can be creative in the style of chair you use, it may create a fun, memorable arrangement that adds to the enjoyment of your celebration.

event planning unique seat

event planning unique seating

LED Cube Seating

4. Color & Lighting

Color is an integral part of event design. As with the lights, use color to brighten the space and make it your own. Up-lighting, spotlights and general room lighting are all areas that you can add color to transform your space.

color and light for event design

color and light for event design

5. Artwork or Photography

if you are planning an event such as a wedding or birthday party, you could use the client's personal photos to create a lovely display that is sentimental yet beautiful.

artwork or photography for event party

artwork or photography for event party

6. Natural Elements

Bring the outside inside. Try and get creative by Adding plants and flowers to infuse life into the party.

Natural Elements for party event planning

Natural Elements for indoor event party planning

7. Swags

Fabric is a great event decorating idea that is simple to set up and take down. Simply tie fabric to just about anything. Add pieces to chair backs. Drape it on tables. Use it as a runway or to literally roll out the red carpet for guests of honor.

fabric for event party planning decorations

Fabric for event party planning

There are endless ideas and really no wrong answers when it comes to the concept of design, as long as the decor works for you and your attendees. 



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