Decorating the swimming pool for your parties in this summer

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Decorating The Swimming Pool For your Parties in this summer

A pool is a summer staple that adds a touch of luxury to a home. Want to turn your swimming pool area into a beautiful backyard getaway? Here you can get inspired for your pool decorating with these floating pool orbs or poolside led table / seat cubes.

Floating Pool Lights

loftek led rgb floating pool orb

Even if you can’t install permanent lights in your pool walls, you can create ambiance with floating lights. Whether your style involves whimsical floating jellyfish lights or a cluster of light-up lotus flowers, you’ll find endless possibilities in floating pool lights. And the orbs will be more gorgeous and durable, easy to all-match. Cordless portable rechargeable lights are more convenient for outdoor use. 

loftek led poolside glow orb for outdoor pool decoration

Add a magical quality to your pool area with these glowing lights. Whatever style suits your fancy, these glow floating pool orbs surrounded your pool area add ambiance without breaking the bank.

Pool Table LED Cubes

loftek led outdoor furniture cube table seat for swimming pool

loftek led outdoor furniture cube table seat for swimming pool night party

Yes, waterproof pool tables exist! While you might not be able to play billiards underwater, you can put these weather-resistant tables outside without worrying about exposure to rain. An outdoor glow led table cube with color-changing gives you a surface for drinks and food, plus make your pool area shine. they were a hit!!!

“We love the way the cubes look in the pool after dark. Very nice for parties.”

loftek led cube seat for swimming pool party

What our clients talk about their pool with our glow light

1. Besutiful!
These were the talk of our party. Was amazing how it added elegance to the pool. - Mary Barrett-sparrow

loftek led glowing floating pool orb for outdoor party

2. Get these if you have a pool!

Ordered 4, put them in the pool. They're great! Batteries last a long time, add a ton of ambiance. Everyone at the pool-party loved the atmosphere they added! They are literally orbs of soft color, and the color-change setting is very smooth, almost hypnotic. Cheap and effective, can't ask for more. - Enron Ron

3. Pool Lights!

These are amazing. I bought three for my pool and liked them so much that I purchased another two. So far, my battery life is about 12 hours and they are easy to charge and reuse. I'm fairly careful - I don't leave them in the pool when not in use (except sometimes overnight) and I'm careful to be sure the cover for the plug is tight to avoid water seeping in. Highly recommend! - Lady Di

kids summer swimming pool toy floating led glow ball

4. My favorite toy!

I was totally amazed to find out that I could float the ball in the swimming pool. I previously owned a similar ball made of glass and of coarse one day it fell to the floor and shattered, and by the way was not rechargeable. I am totally happy with this new toy! - William G. Jerrems

5. Shockingly bright.

This works so much better than I anticipated. The battery seems to last ridiculously long too. We got it to float around our pool at night and it works perfect. Rubber seal on bottom seems to keep water out quite well. Shockingly bright and vivid color too. - J.M.W.

6. Creates a Great Festive Atmosphere Anywhere, Versatile, Good Value, Durable

I have the LOFTEK cubes, largest size. I purchased them to put around the swimming pool at night for both atmosphere and safety. They looked amazing! it turned my pool area into a very chic lounge-y place and the combination of the lighting and the pool water was fantastic! Then, winter came, so I put them in my house. I was going to store them...but one night, I put them on while friends were over, and all of a sudden, my living room became a very chic place. These cubes really can change the entire ambiance of a space - they are really cool.

Also, I had purchased the original manufacturer's cubes like these , sold by Design Within Reach, a while ago and those are 3x more expensive. I was concerned there would be a quality difference. NOT AT ALL. These cubes are every bit as good PLUS they are much easier to use. The remote on the original DWR cube had two buttons and controls the lights by punching them in a variety of weird combinations that I can never get right. But LOFTEK remote is very easy to use. There is a button for every color and a button for every effect so you just push what you want, and you get the exact effect (without trying to mindread an engineer somewhere).

I was worried about scratching and the cubes not looking well over time - but they have held up beautifully!!!! As I mentioned, now they sit right in my living room and look great.

The lighting is really beautiful.

Customer service is spectacular. I had a problem with one of my chargers and just figured I'd have to buy a new one. I contacted customer support to determine if that was the problem, and they were very helpful, very responsive, sent me a new one, and followed up. I was impressed!

These lights are great. I highly recommend. They will make you smile every time you turn them on. - Digital Den

7. They are the perfect height and all made of quality materials

OMG...where to begin. I am an event planner and typically rent these for $75 for an event. I will be having a 50th birthday celebration at my house for my hubby outside by the pool and want these for cocktail tables. They are the perfect height and all made of quality materials. I would suggest maybe placing that velour stickies on the bottom as to not scrape the understand if you will have it on a hard surface. The illumination is long lasting and they come with a remote. These are the real deals Great investment for the home or if you are an event planner. Why rent them when you can buy them and use them over and over again. It will pay for itself after the first use. - T. Swain

8. The LED 16 inch light up balls are amazing! They were a big hit at our Wedding

The LED 16 inch light up balls are amazing! They were a big hit at our Wedding. We placed 6 in our pool and attached fishing wire and a weight to each one so they would not all end up at the corner of the pool. It was perfect! We had them slowly change colors and it really looked magical at night. - Joanne Facciolo



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