How to create a better terrifying & haunting atmosphere on your Halloween party


Halloween enthusiasts

For some Halloween enthusiasts, there’s nothing better than scary haunted houses, ghost tours, and corn mazes. If you're one of the many folks planning to throw a Halloween party, greet trick-or-treaters, or celebrate the most spooktacular time of year, you're going to love this LOFTEK Halloween decoration ideas.

Here we have some pretty creative Halloween decoration Ideas for your Halloween party! Transform your house into a scary setting with these spooky scores. It's super easy to make it!

1. Frontyard and backyard Halloween decoration ideas

Light up several RGB LED flood lights, you can create a super fantastic atmosphere for your front yard Halloween party night! Light up with red and purple or blue and green color, you can feel the different ambiance of the RGB lights bring you!
loftek led lightings for halloween decor
loftek led lightings for halloween decor
loftek led lightings for halloween decor
loftek led lightings for halloween decor
loftek led lightings for halloween decor
Here we have the RGB flood light for your choice, both suitable for indoors and outdoors, more lights you can find in Halloween decoration.

halloween decoration ideas loftek rgb floodlight

Nova Plus 50W RGB LED Flood Light, Proto 50W RGB LED Flood Light, Nova S 50W RGB LED Flood Light, Nova S 30W RGB LED Flood Light, Nova Mini 10W RGB LED Flood Light

2. Pumpkin lantern Decoration ideas

It's a playful holiday, so a pumpkin here and there—especially one with great style—doesn't hurt. 

halloween party decoration pumkin candle

So let's make a great style for the pumpkins, you have two ways, one you can use a real pumpkin, like this:

halloween decoration ideas pumkin kids

And don't forget to place a candle inside or you can choose a LOFTEK cordless, rechargeable RGB mood glow light  or an electric led candle light to put inside, you can change any color as you want with remote control, like this below:

how to make a halloween pumkin lantern by loftek led glow mood lamp

Or you can try this out, super easy, what you need are only a Pumpkin Evil Scary Smile sticker and a LOFTEK RGB glow ball light, here you can get inspired:

loftek led rgb ball light for Halloween decor with skull

loftek led ball lights for halloween pumpkin diy

Pumpkin Evil Scary Smile sticker on LOFTEK glow ball light for halloween decoration

What you can do more with our ball light (8'' multi-use ball light), watch the video below to get inspired, thank Halloween Hunter for sharing with us!

Pick out one or two of these mood glow lamp for your Halloween decoration, more you can find in our Halloween decor light collection

loftek halloween decoration light

You can put a 4-inch cube or 6-inch and 8-inch ball or in a pumpkin, or use a 12-inch ball to dress up as a pumpkin lantern, 

3. Treat or trick  Halloween hangout night custom props

Halloween ghost costume with LOFTEK led rgb ball light

Dress up to for a Halloween hangout party? Looking for a spooky fun-filled experience? Here one of LOFTEK user ( buki_the_warrior_) shared with us his great creative idea: dress up as ghosts hold a LOFTEK 6-inch led glow ball.

halloween hangout night costume


And also other costumes, like a witch:

halloween costume witch with loftek led glow ball

halloween costume witch decor with loftek ball light

Halloween costume with loftek led glow ball
Costume props you may need 6-inch ball light and 8-inch ball light.

4. Other Funny games

There're also other small gadgets can make a great celebration ideas for Halloween, as we showed below, use a portable work light or a flashlight to create some wonderful works!

loftek halloween decoration ideas with loftek led light

loftek halloween decoration ideas

The gadgets what we used: 
Pioneer 15W Portable Cordless Floodlight, UV Tracker EVO Adjustable Focus Flashlight, 12-inch LED Ball Light, more lights for Halloween decoration visit our Halloween decor sale 2019.

loftek Halloween decor light sale

So far, any ideas come to your mind? If you have more creative Halloween decoration ideas, we'd like to you share with us, just @loftekofficial (Instagram) on our social media platform, or you can leave comments below to tell us your ideas! So, you can go ahead for your Halloween decoration now!


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