How To Create A Special Memory For Your Dad On Father’s Day


To be honest, finding a gift for your dad is never easy. There must be hundreds of choices in your head when preparing gifts for your mom, flowers, dresses, cosmetics, etc., but what’s for dad? It’s really hard to get a proper gift without breaking your bank, especially on this special occasion. We carefully picked out several presents for your loving dad. All of them are less than $100, but every gift is stylish, fun, creative and cool! It will help you to save both of your time and money! Don’t miss it!

Before wracking your brain to select your dad’s gift, thinking about how and where your dad spends most of his time, and get him a gift he can actually use. Perhaps he has a long commute to work, and could use a stylish pair of glasses for the drive. Maybe he spends as much time as possible at home with you and your siblings, and you want to make Game Night even better.

For dad who loves tech gadgets


3D Printing Moon Lamp

If your dad is an astrophile or is fond of 3D printing items, this is the best choice for him! LOFTEK 3D printing moon lamp perfectly reproduced the Luna Surface with the data from NASA. Made of safe, clean acrylic, with no UV, IR, lead, mercury, or other toxic chemicals used. It can work for up to 10 hours on a single charge and ideally brings the full moon for your loving dad with 2 modes of colors: brilliant white and warm orange.

LOFTEK Father's Day Gift Idea

Elementary Telescope

Elementary telescope could suit space enthusiasts and would-be astronomers this Father’s Day. Consider it’s an entry point into the telescope field, the prices would be under $100, very affordable. 50mm to 80mm lenses are totally enough for not only staring at the moon and stars but also for watching wildlife.

For dad who loves drink


LED Ice Cooler Champagne Bucket

If your dad really enjoys having drinks, LOFTEK LED Ice Cooler Champagne Bucket would be his love! It can hold wine bottles, cans or large champagne bottles with large capacity. Durable, waterproof and portable with eco-friendly material. It’s vibrant and multicolored LED light can easily make any occasion more festive. Cooling some bottles of your dad’s favorite beer and indulging in this wonderful light with your dad!

How To Create A Special Memory For Your Dad On Father’s Day-Chillsner


For an amusing and fun gift this Father's Day, Uncommon Goods is offering the Chillsner, a rather smart product that stops your dad's beer from reaching unacceptable, home temperature levels. Store the chiller in the fridge for a while, slot it into the bottle, and you can both drink and use the Chillsner at the same time.

For dad who loves party





Décor Lights

Do you have a party dady? If so, just hold an indoor or outdoor Father’s Day party for him. Using LOFTEK LED shape lights and RGB LED flood lights to décor indoors or outdoors for festival atmosphere setting. Combine different shape lights and simply place them on the proper place. Choose the right color from 16 beautiful RGB colors and 4 lighting modes. Play your father’s favorite songs as background music and invite families and friends to celebrate this feast together. Your dad must be quite excited and moved!

Spoil your dad this day for raising, feeding, clothing and supporting you. Show your love to him! We also have prepared some great gifts for your dad. Come and join our 2019 Father’s Day giveaway:

Wish all of you a sweet memory on this special day! Happy Father’s Day!

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