How to Decorate a Christmas Tree with DIY Hanging Ball Lights


LOFTEK RGB LED Ball Light for Christmas Decoration

The holiday season is full of traditions, such as family and friend gatherings, heart-warming nostalgia, cooking up festive feasts, exchanging gifts, etc., of course at the top of that list is how to decorate your Christmas tree. There are times you need, or just want, to add some more holiday décor to your collection. You are on the hunt for Christmas tree decorations, which generally include ornaments, lights, some sort of topper, and some other items that can cover up the typically unattractive tree stand and provide visual balance to the tree’s height.

While Christmas tree decorating is, for the most part, a fun-loving and joyous affair, the inevitable annoyances can be a true damper, making our spirits slightly less bright. No matter you want to make the decoration much easier or you just want some inspiration on how to decorate your tree with DIY hanging ball lights to make it trendy and more into the mood, you come to the right place!


LOFTEK ball light for Christmas decoration

Step 1 – Prepare your ball light

LOFTEK RGB LED ball light for Christmas decoration

Prepare your small ball lights that are suitable for your tree size or match with your other ornaments size. Don’t choose the too big or too small ones as they will break the balance of the tree’s decoration. The ball’s diameter around 8cm is a perfect dimension. It must be a wireless ball light, which either you can change the battery or it’s rechargeable so that you can hang them without worrying the cable will affect the overall effect. What’s more, it will be perfect if the ball light can be color-changing so you can set the compatible lighting colors for your tree décor, no matter your decoration is traditional or chic white or pink colors.

Step 2 – Prepare the string for hanging

LOFTEK RGB LED ball light for Christmas decorations

Firstly, choose the right string colors, such as clear color, black or green. The string’s color depends on the color of both your tree and the main decoration. We recommend clear color string, such as the fishing line, or those thin and tough lines, which will have a better effect and you don’t need to worry the light will tear the string.

Secondly, determine the length of the string. The fast and best way is to measure how long the hanging string of your other ornaments is, as it will match perfectly with your other decorations. After that, use the scissors to cut the same length of the string, as many as the number of the ball lights you’d like to hang on your Christmas tree.

Step 3 – Thread the string

LOFTEK RGB LED ball light for Christmas decorations

Use the coin or other accessories to open the battery cover on the bottom of the small ball light. Then attach the cut string on the bottom along the center of the battery. Don’t forget to keep both sides of the string the same length. After that, reinstall the bottom battery cover. Now, tie a knot in your rope.

Step 4 – Hang the ball light on the Christmas tree

LOFTEK RGB LED ball light for Christmas decorations

Now turn on your small ball lights and hang them on your Christmas tree. You can change the light colors to your favorite ones or just let them flash.

LOFTEK RGB LED shape lights for Christmas decoration

Now your DIY hanging ball light for Christmas tree décor is ready to go! LOFTEK has prepared all the décor lights you need for your Christmas decoration, such as fairy lights, ball lights, cube lights, etc. with up to 50% off Christmas sale! Hope you can enjoy the ambiance they bring to your holiday!

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