How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Extra Cozy With Lights


LOFTEK bedroom lighting decor

Every Bedroom Needs a Combination of Light Sources

Unless your bedroom is extremely small, it needs more than one source of light. Various combinations of bedside lamps, floor lamps, ceiling fixtures, and mood lighting make it easy to read in bed, get dressed, enjoy romance, and relax. A bedroom with proper lights will feel much cozier than the one without setting the lighting scenes.

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cozy bedroom decor with led rgb ball light

Light up your life

Get ready to embrace your inner youth, because it seems that fairy lights are essential for a cozy bedroom. The goal is simply to have many sources of warm, low lights. Strung up over a headboard, around a mirror or in a corner, they give the perfect warm glow to a room, minimize your stress to the largest extent. If you can’t quite get behind the slightly frenetic-looking fairy lights, try more grown-up ball lights, multiple small pendants or simply a cluster of candles. However, you need to keep safety in mind, in case there is a fire. The LOFTEK moving wick electric timing LED candle set is an excellent choice. It has handmade form wax for a truly realistic look without the fire hazards, smoke or messy dripping wax, very easy to use and to set the romantic and cozy ambience for your bedroom.

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loftek led candle set with real wax

Choose a suitable lighting option

Lights are essential to creating a warm and relaxing feeling in your bedroom. Having an overhead light may not be enough because different lighting options create different moods. You need bright light options as well as dim light options in your bedroom, such as LOFTEK mood lights. Dim light options can help create a mood for sleep. Some lighting options also come with a dimmer enabling you to dial them down when preparing to sleep. You should also consider picking lighting options that are easier to switch off from your bed so that you do not lose sleep trying to find the switch. Each LOFTEK décor light comes with a remote control, which means you can change the light colors, brightness and on-off just staying in bed.

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Matching Bedside Lamps

Every bed needs some form of a bedside lamp. You can match your lamps, as LOFTEK did in the dreamy bedroom (you can even turn this into a reading light source), or choose mismatched lamps for a more casual style. As long as the lamps are fairly close in size, they will look fine. You can use them as ambient lighting and they give the room a rather romantic look.

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  • Posted on by Monika Racakova

    I absolutely LOVE these all!! I hope to add some to our new farm home in our entertaining space soon!

  • Posted on by Troy S

    I like the look of the electric candles. My wife and I just gave up our room to our youngest, and our formerly spare room is about as cozy as a police interrogation room

  • Posted on by Susan Bilger
    I am totally in love with Loftek and all of the lights that they offered. But I still think my favorite out of all lights are the ball lights. Someday I will own some for indoors and out

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