How to plan a pool party in 4 easy steps



Summer is coming. Are you excited to plan a memorable pool party? Hosting a pool party sounds exciting on paper, but the execution requires serious thoughts, especially you’ve either hosted or been invited to massive gatherings in the past. It would be time-consuming and brain-burning to come up with a unique pool party idea. Don’t worry! Just follow these simple steps to create an unforgettable summer swimming pool party!

Step 1 Don’t forget to invite your family and friends

Want to impress and set the mood for your pool party from the beginning? Then use an exquisite real-paper invitation instead of a careless phone call or an email.

Tips: personalized messaging stickers

Simply record a video or voice message on your phone, link it to a QR code stickers, attach it to your invitation, then when the recipient receives it they scan the sticker with their phone to play back the personalized message.


Step 2 Swimming pool décor

When the sun goes down and night comes, it’s time to kick back and relax. To keep the party going longer, you’d better to provides family and friends with a serene atmosphere after everyone was worn out from a long day swimming.

Tips: add additional ambience with décor lights

A super simple way is to use some shape lights alongside the swimming pool or even to throw several floating pool lights into the water. They will add sparkling effect across your pool and patio and will cast a very colorful glow that adds to the inviting nature of your pool party.




Step 3 Enjoy the beauty of outdoors

As the host or hostess, you don’t need to take on the burden of clearing all the dishes away as you would in a more formal celebration staged in your dining room. Take the heat off and free you to talk with your guests and enjoy the outdoor beauty!

Tips: use green and lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have foliage surrounding your pool, be sure to make full use of it by placing your chairs and tables close to the canopy. This set up works particularly well in the evening if you have some décor lights close by the greenery — it creates such a lovely ambience with the help of softly glowing.




Step 4 Plan your table

A table serves as an important welcoming statement for any party even a poolside one is no exception. The casual social setting certainly provides more creative leeway for you! But remember to keep it easy and simple.

Tips: simplify your process

Not serving too many drinks and complicated snacks. Just a nice champagne that’s chilled in a unique ice bucket will do! The nice glowing light ice bucket would be good choice especially when your pool party will last to the night or is held in the evening. Using some creative little objects to embellish your table, which can make your guests more involved in the atmosphere you create, such as mood light with waterdrop shape or egg shape on the table with exquisite table settings and tablewares.





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