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As an event planner or party planner, In general, we use color matching, popular themes, and the latest event design trends to create a cohesive and modern design for any milestone parties, wedding, business meetings, industry special events, and more!Our fabulous range of 'in-house' & 'out-house' event decor tunning lighting options can help create the perfect atmosphere for your event or party.

1. Shape mood light

LOFTEK LED Ball and Cube seat furniture

LOFTEK cube seat

These kinds of RGB mood lamps are very popular, place the light anywhere and instantly change the atmosphere of the area for your event or party. Ideal for any area both indoor and outdoor, such as office, home garden, pool, lounge, etc.!

loftek led ball light for event tablesetting

LOFTEK 12-inch ball light

This kind of led grow light, it shows your true colors with an RGB lighting system lets you select from 16 color tones (including white) with a mini remote. These indoor / outdoor electric globe lights have four modes for auto color-changing (flash/strobe/fade/smooth) and dimming. For these light, we have multi shape in ballcubeteardropegg, and more.

loftek led cube light

2. LED floodlight

loftek event party decor lighting led rgb floodlight

For event décor, color changing floodlight will create a fantastic effect for you event or party, if you’re looking for some décor lights for you Halloween party or event, we have Nova PlusNova SProto for your choice.

loftek led floodlightLight up by LOFTEK Nova S

Whether you need to illuminate your garden, worksite, stage, party, holiday display or your halloween party in this month Octber, the LOFTEK led floodlight can do it all.

loftek led floodlight for halloween outdoor party

Need more lights for your event, please visit our all lights here. If you are looking for some inspiration for your event, please visit our Gallery of the website, or you can follow us on our social platform.

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