3 Glowing Lamps To Make a Statement For Spring Decorating


As the weather warms, to celebrate winter's emerging departure, most people turn their attention to freshening up their home or landscaping their yards and gardens.

Your white walls definitely aren't making the statement, so let your lighting do the talking. These glowing lamps add a cool, modern, glam vibe to any of your space.

Lighting can add a beautiful ambience to a room. Shop the LOFTEK glow lamps – Spring Huge Sale save you more!

loftek led glow balls

LOFTEK LED glow sphere
During the day, I might use the globe's orange glow to create a warm or sanguine mood. I'll probably use the globe's peaceful glow to create a sleep-inducing atmosphere at night. (In a darkened room, the globe's soft glow looks and feels eerily like a full moon...or even like a UFO orb.

loftek led cube table

LOFTEK LED cube light
16-inch cube light with color changing, could be use a table or seat for indoor and outdoor. It’s so bright and colorful! Will be a great addition to your pool patio also.

3d printed moon lamp for table decorating 

3D Moon Lamp
"Moon mood" suits my decor perfectly! Right now it is illuminating a small painting of a deep blue night sky. Next it might nestle among my houseplants for that ambient glow.

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