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How do you win an evening wedding in an affordable but incredible way? Our client Deb has told us the story of her wedding, and gave her idea for an evening wedding… 

led glow cube seat for wedding party

Try a color changing glow light

It sounds nothing special, but it’s actually very beautiful! A glow light with color changing can help you set the mood by creating a calming effect that makes you feel like you are at a spa or resort. Lots of fun for parties and even as a night light. It is amazing! Strong enough to sit on, perfect for setting drinks and plates... 

loftek led glow cube light

“These are super cool! I bought 2 as an accessory for a lounge area we are creating at our evening wedding in November. We are considering setting these with either blue or orange, as those are the colors of our wedding, or just white which is very classy looking. The many settings are really cool, the "smooth" is neat as it just blends through the color wheel and a nice calm pace. our intention is to then use these for ambience on romantic patio evenings, or for yard parties. If nothing else, we're going to stick one in each of our boys' rooms for something fun for them.

I'm 5 foot tall and this is extremely comfortable for me to sit on. My fiancé is 6-foot-tall and he feels a little "squatty" sitting on it since it's just a little lower to the ground. The great news is that these are waterproof and so if guest prefer, they can just use it as a place to set their drinks! These things are super sturdy (he weighs 225 & they didn't flinch.)

They charged up quickly, then they are cordless. They run on the remote, and evidently one remote can run both of them if you just pointed out whichever one you want. So that is nice.” - by Deb K

We love to see our customers gain happiness and pleasure with our products. Go for it! This color changing light cube is great for a number of uses including, home decoration, kids’ playroom, pool, party decorations, weddings, lawn, patio, bedroom, or can be used as a nightlight.

Want learn more about the cube? Click here to explore! 



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