Spring 2019 Outdoor Gadget Giveaway!


loftek spring giveaway 2019

We are giving away three awesome prizes now! Win prizes for your next spring outdoor camping trip here! Entering is easy! Just answer 4 questions in a comment at the bottom of this post and if you’re willing to jump through a few extra hoops, you can earn up to three additional entries which will greatly increase your chances of winning. Please read the details on the prizes and the rules before you submit your entries for a chance to win our spring gadget giveaway prize! Each prize will have 1 winner, 3 winners in total! (Scroll down to see the winning list)


One person will win a prize of 1 of the 3 products shown below:

Pioneer 15W Portable Cordless Flood Light

loftek pioneer led work light for spring outdoor camping

Product link: https://www.loftek.us/products/pioneer-15w-portable-cordless-flood-light

Axis 10w Portable LED Flood Light

loftek axis 10w led work light for spring outdoor fishing

Product link: https://www.loftek.us/products/axis-10w-portable-led-flood-light

Pioneer 6w Portable Pocket Flood Light

loftek pioneer led portable work light for spring outdoor hiking

Product link: https://www.loftek.us/products/pioneer-6w-portable-pocket-flood-light

How to enter (please read carefully – any missed steps and your entry will be disqualified):

Between now and 03/31/2019 midnight EST leave a comment on this page answering the questions below.

  1. How did you first learn about LOFTEK (product/website)?
  2. What is your favorite thing about LOFTEK (product/website)?
  3. What is the most important feature of our product/website you think we should add?
  4. How would you make LOFTEK (product/website) better?

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If you’re already a newsletter subscriber, let us know by leaving your comment and you’ll get a 2nd bonus entry.

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LOFTEK is giving away a giant prize of spring outdoor gadgets. Entering is easy! https://www.loftek.us/blogs/news/spring-2019-outdoor-gadget-giveaway

How to find us on social:

Facebook: @loftek.us
Instagram: @loftekofficial
Twitter: @LoftekOfficial

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At some point on 04/02/2018, We’ll pick three random winners. The winners will be contacted by email and will have 48 hrs. to claim their prizes. If we do not receive an answer to our email in that time period, we will regard it as a quitclaim. 


  1. Only one entry per person (warning: we check IP addresses).
  2. Loftek.us is not responsible for any lost packages due to incorrect shipping addresses.
  3. Loftek.us is not responsible for the winner not accepting their prize offer within 48hrs. The winners will be posted on this contest page, in the contest page comment section and will be emailed using the email provided in the comment section. Check your spam folder.
  4. Winner must have a US shipping address.
  5. We'd like to hear from you of your story with your prize on social.


The winners of this contest is Karin Soderberg, Jan D and Carol Ezovski. (😁😜😎 Truely, no kidding.) Congrats to Karin Soderberg, Jan D, Carol Ezovski and special thanks to everyone who entered. And please note that we’ll have giveaways aperiodically in the future. Just keep following us. 

If you have any wonderful ideas or suggestions for us in products, service or website, please just feel free to let us know, we’d like to hear from you. We’ve been continuously working to improve ourselves to benefit more and more users.

To the winners:

Please send us your shipping infor to claim your prize within 48 hrs, you can tell us which one you like, but we will send by random. And we’d like to hear from you to share us your fun spring activities with LOFTEK gadgets!

    Any questions please let us know by sending email to marketing@loftek.us.


      • Posted on by Bilger Susan Scribner

        Congrats to all the winners. I wish I was one to

      • Posted on by vivian blevins

        1.sweepstake online.
        2.light illumination
        3.portability .
        4 none that I can think of.

      • Posted on by Leela
        How did you first learn about LOFTEK (product/website)? Online. What is your favorite thing about LOFTEK (product/website)? They also have wholesale. What is the most important feature of our product/website you think we should add? Troubleshooting common lighting problems. How would you make LOFTEK (product/website) better? See question 3.
      • Posted on by Hunter Brooks

        I found you online while searching for lights while night fishing.
        I love the illumination from the lights.
        Best factor for me is portability.
        No recommendations to get better, recently found you all and I am very satisfied!

      • Posted on by Diane McMahon

        I found you through a sweepstakes website.
        I love the portal light for walking the dog after dark
        Would love to see more smaller lights that would fit into purses, fanny packs, etc.
        It is a pretty neat site. I’m not sure how I could improve it.

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