Halloween DIY : How to Make a Unique Hanging Glowing Ghost with Ball Light

Halloween is just a few days away, have you finished your Halloween decorations? If not, don’t be anxious and worried, here is the last minute hanging glowing ghost DIY which is very unique and eye-catching for Halloween décor indoors and outdoors. This budget-friendly Halloween project is so easy, you can even get the kids involved. Craft your own spooky ghost that appears to levitate before your very eyes! Now let’s start getting compliments from your friends and neighbors!


Step 1 – Install the hanging D ring to the ball light


Prepare your ball light which can be installed a hanging ring or you can just get a ball already equipped with the hanging D ring, just like the LOFTEK 8-inch LED Multi-use Ball Light, which you just need to screw the D ring on the ball base. Otherwise, you can use the wire to make a hanger loop and fix it on the bottom of the ball light. Just make sure the loop is as firm as possible. You certainly do not want to be awkward seeing your ghost falling down.

Step 2 – Cut the cheesecloth



Set the ball light aside while cutting pieces of cheesecloth to various lengths. You need at least one short layer which is only a couple of inches longer on all sides than the ball light; one medium layer which is 5 to 10 inches longer than the ball on all sides; one long layer which is 12 to 18 inches longer than the ball light on all sides. These are just average length, you can adjust them with your ball size.

Then cut a tiny hole in the center of each cheesecloth. The holes are for the string to go through, so try to make it tiny so that the ball/head doesn’t show through.

Step 3 – Thread the string


Attach the string to the hanging D ring installed on the ball light base. Then thread the string from the ball through the hole, and drape the cheesecloth over the balloon completely. Repeat the process with all of the pieces of cheesecloth. Alternate the order in which the different lengths are added.

Step 4 – Make a face



It’s time to create a face for your ghost! Cut your desired shape of eyes, nose and mouth from the black duct tape. Pull back one layer of the cheesecloth then attach the eyes, nose and mouth to the cheesecloth. Alternatively, you can just attach them on the first layer of the cheesecloth, it’s up to you, but remember to press them down firmly.

Step 5 – Final touch


Pull the top layer of cheesecloth back over the face and you are ready to hang.


Now your unique hanging glowing ghost for Halloween décor is ready to go! All you need is to use the remote control to make it glow and change your favorite lighting colors, such as the spookiest green, blue, purple, or just let them change colors with four modes: flash, strobe, fade or smooth. Amazing Halloween lights!

LOFTEK lights for Halloween decor

LOFTEK lights for Halloween decor

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