Top 15 Last-Minute Halloween Costumes You Can DIY In a Flash


Halloween is a public invitation – just about anything or anyone and dress as. When it comes to choosing clothes for Halloween parties, this freedom is exciting but overwhelming. If you've been working hard to make a decision about the look of 2019 or just forget the time, then these last-minute costumes will inspire you to DIY!

You may already have everything you need to put these outfits together. For adults, these simple last-minute costumes are cheap, easy to make, and fun to wear, so you can feel confident trick or treat with your children or dance with the whole family at this annual Halloween party. Come on, raid your closet - you will be amazed at how you can pull together, a simple Halloween costume will definitely win the best dressed.
LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Skeleton Costume

Skeleton Costume

No, you don't have to go back to the anatomy class. Make and cut a section of the T-shirt to create a chest illusion, add some facial paint, and stick it on the paper heart to get a particularly cute skeleton.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Sea Anemone Costume

Sea Anemone Costume

This impressive costume is easier than it looks to make. Use a pump to blow a long pink balloon. Then, attach the balloon to the pink shirt and pass the safety pin through the unfilled excess at the end of the balloon knot. For more details, use a pipe cleaner and felt and a hot glue plastic canopy to form the crown.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas The Evil Queen Costume

The Evil Queen Costume

Dark hair, red lips and seductive apples will immediately transform you from Snow White to Queen Grimhilde. Wear a black cloak or hoodie for perfect results.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Bat Costume

Bat Costume

Upgrade the old black umbrella to an impressive bat costume. Simply cut the umbrella in half and secure it to the arm of the black hoodie using a black safety pin or hot glue. Use black electrical tape to secure the hinges of the metal umbrellas as needed to help them fold properly. Make the ear with a foam core and feathers for more texture!

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Carmen Miranda Costume

Carmen Miranda Costume

Using your child’s plastic fruit toys as the headpiece, you will immediately turn into ‘The lady in the Tutti Frutti Hat’.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Campfire Costume

Campfire Costume

Heat up on this year's Halloween costume and dress up as a hot campfire. Put on a red or orange shirt and stick it on the sturdy construction paper, which really brings heat. Don’t forget to add marshmallow!

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Medusa Costume

Medusa Costume

Grab a white dress from your closet and secure some toy snakes on your hair or on your dress. Now you are the serpent goddess.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Cloud and Rainbow Costume

Cloud and Rainbow Costume

Your child brings color to your world on Halloween and beyond. This lovely cloud and rainbow costume cheers their rainbow. Use multicolored construction paper and the remaining cardboard boxes to make them a rainbow "dress." Then add polyester batt to the umbrella to obtain a temporary cloud.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Bubble Bath Costume

Bubble Bath Costume

Inflate the white balloon to pin on a T-shirt, add a shower cap and loofah, you are the most relaxed Halloween costume ever!

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Ramen Costume

Ramen Costume

If you have an old Frisbee lying around, consider turning it into a large bowl of ramen for your next costume. Just add the noodles and your favorite ingredients to the dish and everyone will want to eat you!

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Sia Costume

Sia Costume

This is a cheap stimulus: the only thing I need to buy for this Sia costume is her signature two-tone wig. If you have a +1, convince them to dress up as Maddie Ziegler so you can be a full pair.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Moaning Myrtle Costume

Moaning Myrtle Costume

If you don’t mind wearing a toilet seat as part of your costume, you can become the Moaning Myrtle from Harry Potter. Also remember to dress for Hogwarts, including the robes of the wizard.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Picasso Painting Costume

Picasso Painting Costume

Wildly splash yourself with bright colors and frame yourself in a similarly painted frame. Picasso's art is unique, as is your costume.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Spaghetti and Parmesan Costumes

Spaghetti and Parmesan Costumes

Celebrate your love for pasta with this but cheesy costume. Get a green jersey dress and glue on the Parmesan label, then make a spaghetti sweater with pom-poms and yarn. Top has colander and pasta "hair" - we recommend angel hair.

LOFTEK Halloween costume ideas Ms. Frizzle From The Magic Schoolbus Costume

Ms. Frizzle From The Magic Schoolbus Costume

Any kind of fun print dress is suitable for this kind of costume, especially if the print can be educational! Wear a dress with a hat or earrings to carry on the theme.

LOFTEK Halloween decoration lightings

LOFTEK Halloween decoration lightings

After decide your costume, do you already have plans for your house costume for this Halloween? How to make a creepy indoor and outdoor decoration? LOFTEK gets you some great inspirations for this year! The décor lights would be your essentials to set the best Halloween ambience! Don’t miss it!

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