Halloween DIY: How to Make a Unique Pumpkin Light Decoration with LOFTEK Ball Lights


LOFTEK ball light DIY for Halloween decor

Halloween topic is getting hotter and hotter recently. It’s one of the best festivals of the whole year, not just because of the candy! It contains togetherness, partying, excitement, a lot of emotional bonding. Home decoration is essential for fun and you can get many compliments with your creativity and imagination, however, sometimes the decorations lack movement and drama.

We’ve found a way to add some liveliness into your haunted house décor with LOFTEK ball lights. You’ll have a wonderful new addition to your Halloween decorations with just very simple steps and inexpensive supplies. Let’s begin now!

LOFTEK ball light Halloween DIY


LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY 1

Step 1 – Choose your ideal and the right size stickers or draw the appropriate size Halloween pumpkin light face on black paper

LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY 2

LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY 3

Prepared your ball lights and decide which sizes of Halloween pumpkin light face stickers are your favorite and proper ones. You can get the stickers online or just make it by yourself. It’s easy and interesting as well. I believe your kids must love making their imaginary noses and mouths. Get a pencil and draw them now.

Step 2 – Peel the stickers off or cut out the noses and mouths drawn on the black paper

LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY

LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY 5

Decided your ideal stickers? Now peel them off! Excited! If you don’t have the stickers, then this is where scissors come in. You’d better do it by yourself and avoid children's injury. Cut the Halloween pumpkin light noses and mouths perfectly along the lines drawn before.

Step 3 – Paste the stickers or cut noses and mouths on the ball lights

LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY 6

LOFTEK ball light halloween DIY 7

Next, paste the stickers on different size ball lights respectively. If you don’t have the stickers, then just glue the paper noses and mouths to the balls with glue or tape. Have you ever thought of the traditional Halloween Pin the Nose game? Your children must love this step! It makes family or friends more into the Halloween mood!

LOFTEK ball light DIY for Halloween decor


 LOFTEK ball light DIY for Halloween

Let's enjoy the fun of glowing ball lights!

Now your unique pumpkin light decorations are ready to go! Add some Halloween elements, such as pumpkins, leaves, bats, spiders, candles to set amazing Halloween decorations with your special lightings this year! Don’t forget to choose your favorite lighting colors, such as the spookiest green, blue, purple, or just let them change colors with four modes: flash, strobe, fade or smooth. Cool! Let’s begin the Halloween party!

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