LOFTEK Halloween Giveaway Part I 2019


It’s here, it’s here!!! Halloween giveaway part I is here!!!

Are you excited when thinking about the ghost, scary witches, goblins are waiting to knock on your door and say those magical words, we all love to hear…TRICK or TREAT! Do you love to see the little cute trick or treaters show up at your door in the adorable Halloween costumes and with their rosy cheeks and bright smiley faces? Do you remember how scary when you across the elaborately decorated graveyard and house full of skeleton, ghost, bat, spider, creepy lightings?

Although this year’s Halloween is still one month away, we have already prepared the decorations for you in advance! In order to help you to make an amazing Halloween décor and to set perfect ambience, we have meticulously prepared this giveaway for you!

LOFTEK Halloween giveaway part I
What's your most impressive Halloween story?


First of all, thanks to all of you who participated or shared our Halloween Giveaway Part I. Each
of your story is very interesting and impressive! We really appreciated your support to make this
contest a success! Congratulations to our winner, hope you enjoy our ball light!

Gregory L Faith (trek****


  • Halloween carries so many emotions, happiness, sadness, scare, panic, etc. Tell us your most impressive Halloween story in the comment zone.
  • Bonus entry: Invite your friends to nominate your story as the best one in the comment zone.
  • One winner will win the 6’’ ball light
  • Giveaway from Sep. 23rd to Sep. 29th
  • Announcement date: Sep. 30th
  • US only, 18+

LOFTEK Halloween giveaway part I - 6'' ball light


Winners will be announced on this page and contacted directly via email, check the spam folder. Good luck!

The winners will have 24 hrs to claim their prizes (If we do not receive an answer to our email in that time period, we will regard it as a quitclaim. And please note that we may share your ideas and pictures on our social platforms.)

The prize we will ship out once we received the shipping info (No P.O box). And we’d like you to share a photo post on social after you receive the prize, and tag us in your post.

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  • Posted on by Gregory L Faith

    One of my biggest halloween parties was thrown way back in 1987 when I was working at Edwards A.F.B. CA and had invited pretty much the whole office to my annual Halloween Bash. AS expected, everyone who said they were coming arrived and the party began.. Two hours into the bash came a ringing of the door bell. My soon to be wife answered the door and a uniformed person was standing at the door. His first question was, “Is this where the party is?” And my fiance replied, “But of course it is come on in.” The uniformed person replied by saying, " Oh no. I’m not here to attend, I’m here to tell you to turn down the music." She stepped back and said, “I thought that was a pretty convincing police uniform sir. I will tell the band to lower the volume.” His next question was, “Oh, you have a band. Are you charging money?” My fiance answered, " No…Should we be?" ….He ended his visit after he told my lady, “I do not want to have to come back until after I get off work.” She waved and said, “Just come back wearing a much different costume officer!!!” He later returned with his wife wearing a judges robe and she was wearing a HOT NURSES uniform….. We remained friends until we moved to New Hampshire in 2005. Nicest people you would ever want as your friends.

  • Posted on by Edie Bluntzer

    The very first year I was allowed to trick or treat by myself (about 9 I think), I went all over the place. It was dark and scary, but I was so excited!!! And brother, let me tell you I had made a haul! Back then, we used pillowcases for trt bags, and mine was about 2/3’s the way full. Around 9 o’clock I made my way back home and the porch light was still on, so being a kid, I thought why not trt at my own house? I knocked on the door and yelled, “TRICK OR TREAT!!!” and all of a sudden a huge monkey like creature jumped out at me! I swung that bag full of candy at his head several times before the sack busted wide open, and all my candy went flying out all over the porch and yard, then I heard my Momma yell, “IT’S YOUR DADDY!! IT’S YOUR DADDY!!” She was laughing so hard, and my daddy had a busted nose. I was sure I was going to end up with a busted butt. Took my daddy and me several hours to pick up all that candy.

  • Posted on by melissa vorce

    well when I moved from NH to FL no one in my neighborhood did anything for Halloween. I love to go all out do up the yard and house and make a big scene. Slowly my neighbors have started to join in, people from blocks around start coming by to see what is happening, and now my board game group all comes over for a big party too :) I am proud I have made a small stamp of Halloween fun in my little part of FL.

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