LOFTEK Halloween Giveaway Part I 2019


It’s here, it’s here!!! Halloween giveaway part I is here!!!

Are you excited when thinking about the ghost, scary witches, goblins are waiting to knock on your door and say those magical words, we all love to hear…TRICK or TREAT! Do you love to see the little cute trick or treaters show up at your door in the adorable Halloween costumes and with their rosy cheeks and bright smiley faces? Do you remember how scary when you across the elaborately decorated graveyard and house full of skeleton, ghost, bat, spider, creepy lightings?

Although this year’s Halloween is still one month away, we have already prepared the decorations for you in advance! In order to help you to make an amazing Halloween décor and to set perfect ambience, we have meticulously prepared this giveaway for you!

LOFTEK Halloween giveaway part I
What's your most impressive Halloween story?


First of all, thanks to all of you who participated or shared our Halloween Giveaway Part I. Each
of your story is very interesting and impressive! We really appreciated your support to make this
contest a success! Congratulations to our winner, hope you enjoy our ball light!

Gregory L Faith (trek****


  • Halloween carries so many emotions, happiness, sadness, scare, panic, etc. Tell us your most impressive Halloween story in the comment zone.
  • Bonus entry: Invite your friends to nominate your story as the best one in the comment zone.
  • One winner will win the 6’’ ball light
  • Giveaway from Sep. 23rd to Sep. 29th
  • Announcement date: Sep. 30th
  • US only, 18+

LOFTEK Halloween giveaway part I - 6'' ball light


Winners will be announced on this page and contacted directly via email, check the spam folder. Good luck!

The winners will have 24 hrs to claim their prizes (If we do not receive an answer to our email in that time period, we will regard it as a quitclaim. And please note that we may share your ideas and pictures on our social platforms.)

The prize we will ship out once we received the shipping info (No P.O box). And we’d like you to share a photo post on social after you receive the prize, and tag us in your post.

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  • Posted on by Rajee

    I wore Cinderella My first son wore Star war and little man wore Iron man. We had so much fun for trick or treat in six flags We enjoy life to the fullest

  • Posted on by Susan BIlger

    When my son was about 5years old we walked out our front door and my neighbor had dressed up as a witch. She was very impressive and scared my son so bad I didn’t think I would get him back out of the house to go go trick or treating but eventually I was able to calm him down and convince him that the witch was our neighbor. He ended up having a great time and taking in quite hall of candy.

  • Posted on by Lenis Abshire

    Back in the days when I was 7 or 8, I had to take my younger brother and sister around the neighborhood Halloween night to get candy. I remember walking up to this house that had a big mummy and a witch on the porch. There were two big dogs on chains on each side of them barking as loud as they could. As we made our way to the couple, we heard a baby crying. My two siblings kept pulling me back cause they did not want to wait for candy. Me being the BIG brother stood in front of the witch smiling as she reached inside this big black pot and pulled something looking like worms covered with blood. That was all it took for me to turn around and run, leaving my brother and sister screaming. As I reached the front gate I realized I was wrong for leaving them behind. I stood there as the old couple begged me to come back. By then my siblings had reached me and the three of us ran home.. we still laugh about it today, 41 years later. . Priceless. Thanks for this opportunity to share this. .

  • Posted on by Kenny Stinnett

    I remember going out with my Brother.

  • Posted on by Lisa Watkins

    My first Halloween memory is of my brother and I trying on our Halloween costumes, that often came from a dime store. That year I was a black cat and my older brother was a scary devil. On Halloween night, we went trick or treating. My approached this house that has a single light on that glowed warm and yellow on it’s porch. A set of steep steps led up to the house. I waited, in fear, on the sidewalk as my brother climbed up the many steps and knocked on the door. His braveness paid off with a full size candy bar. I went back to the same house when I was twelve and knocked on the door, but no one answered that night, but the yellow glowing light was on. The house is still there, up the steep steps, if you dare, this Halloween.

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